How to Bring Out the Therapeutic Qualities of Cooking

 These past months have challenged us in ways we could’ve never imagined. During this time there has been an undeniable rise in stress accompanied by a rise in baking and cooking — just take a look at the flour and yeast shortages across the US. Whether people realize it or not, there are additional reasons we’re cooking more aside from the extra time on our hands. We’ve all heard of comfort food, but did you know that the act of making food can be just as comforting? Cooking has science-backed properties that are proven to help soothe fatigued minds, which we’ll explore below. Cooking is a primitive activity that helps us reconnect with our most basic, contemplative state of mind. Getting focused in cooking is said to create a state similar to meditation. To fully realize the benefits of cooking, it’s important to try and make your environment stress free. Of course, as a parent, this is easier said than done.

 If a low-stress environment is difficult to achieve with your children around, try meal prepping for the next day after they’ve gone to bed. Not only will this save you time the following day and allow for more quality family time, but it will also create a low-stress environment for you to cook in. As an added bonus, studies have shown that doing something creative (like cooking) the night before will make you feel happier the following morning.

 Cooking not only calms you down in the moment but it can also help you build new skills and improve your confidence. Experts tell us that preparing a meal instills a feeling of success and accomplishment that can give you a confidence boost. When the outside world is difficult to face, we can benefit from turning inward and finding new joy in things that seemed mundane before. Try taking the time to explore a new recipe on your own or with your family’s help — you may find newfound relaxation by reframing a “chore” into something that can help you unwind and reconnect. 

See additional mental health benefits related to cooking in the visual below (provided by Kitchen Cabinet Kings):

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