Scratching An Itch: How To Deal With Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be very uncomfortable to deal with. They can ruin a good night’s sleep and make you itch and scratch. Even thinking about bed bugs can make your skin crawl. Getting your bed bug problem dealt with might be more challenging than you might think. 

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny insects that live off warm blood. They’ll only ever feed off living creatures and won’t touch anything that’s already dead, Because of this, they’ll look for warm bodies. Because you spend several hours in bed at a time, beds are the perfect place for bed bugs to go to find food. 

On the whole, bed bugs are harmless. They’re not known to carry any diseases. It may be a little irritating, but unless you have an allergy to bed bugs, you’ll just get a mild itch. However, regardless of whether or not you have an allergy, you’d probably rather see the back of your unwanted guests. 

How Do You Spot A Bed Bug?

As you may expect, bed bugs are hard to spot. In fact, they are very hard to spot. 

One of the biggest indicators of the fact that you have bed bugs is that you’ll find yourself itching. If you wake up and have small bites on you, then you may have bed bugs. There may of course, be other reasons for the red marks such as you may have a rash or an allergy.  You may also have bed bugs but get no reaction from them. 

To find out if you actually have bed bugs, you will have to work hard. 

When you are not in bed, your bed bugs will hide in the seams of your bedding, or under your mattress. Look out for exoskeletal shells that are shed by the bugs. They’ll be tiny. You should also look for small brownish stains. 

Even if you do spot the signs, you may need to use the services of a Pest Control company in order to identify whether or not you have a bed bug infestation. 

How Do You Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

If you believe that you might have bed bugs in your home, you should not try to kill them yourself. You should seek the help of a professional pest control company. It can be nearly impossible to try and remove a bed bug infestation without the right tools and experience. 

The bed bugs will hide everywhere in the bedding and makeup of your bed. Of course, it is not just the bed bugs themselves that you will need to get rid of, it is the eggs too. 

A professional company will detect and then completely remove your bed bugs, usually using chemicals. The problem with not getting the job done right is that if you leave one behind, they will be back in no time. You need to make sure every single one has been removed, this is why you need a professional to handle the task. 

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