Difference of Opinion

Whether it’s politics, religion, music taste or football, we all have different views, but respecting each others’ opinions is important for maintaining positive friendships.

Try to understand their view 

People come from different backgrounds and are brought up to believe in different viewpoints. We are all influenced by a number of things, such as our upbringing, our culture, parental views.

Put yourself in your friends’ shoes and try to ask if you’d believe the same things if you'd had the same experiences as them.

Don’t be rude or arrogant

Arguments are more likely to happen, not because you have different opinions, but because of how you put them forward. Being rude and overly dismissive of your friend's opinion will only result in them getting annoyed at you.

And... don’t get personal! Even if you don't agree about the issue at hand, don't resort to putting your friend down to get your point across.

Don't dwell on it

Ask yourself, is the issue really worth falling out over? If you think talking about an issue will only lead to an argument and strain your friendship, it’s OK to agree to disagree, and just leave it be.

Respect their right to an opinion 

Part of living in a free society like ours is that we all come from a range of cultures and backgrounds and all share different opinions.

Even if you don’t agree with someone’s opinion, at least agree with their right to have it, no-one should be discriminated against for their beliefs.

Remember, you aren’t the only person to have an opinion, we all have them! Wouldn’t it be boring if we all shared the same opinions!?

Lastly, don't hate on them for their opinion or remove them as a friend, we are all different and we can all believe and think what we want, we are not all right, someone has to be wrong.  Agree to disagree or don't discuss it anymore.

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