How To Get Ready For A Big Move'

 Planning a big house move needs you to be very organised. There’s a lot to do before you can move to your new home, and getting a checklist ready can really help you to make things go as smoothly as possible. Here are the easy steps to help you get ready for a big move.

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  1. Clear the house. The first tip in any moving guide is to have a clear out to get rid of any clutter that you don’t need. By clearing out first, you won’t have to pack, move, or find new spaces for things you don’t actually want or need. Have a garage sale, sell things online, or donate unwanted items. 

  2. Get organised. Two months before your moving date, make a note of all your mail and make a list of all the people, subscriptions, and organisations that will need to be told about your change of address. Remember your bank, your broker or any investment companies, your insurance agent, your doctor, and your vet. Before you move, get a change of address form from the postal service and redirect your mail. 

  3. Cancel and re-order. Make a list of all the contact information for your utility service providers, including gas, telephone, electric, water, cable, and internet). Transfer your utilities to your new address online to save time. Cancel anything that can’t be moved and set up new accounts. Remember to also cancel the gardener, window cleaner, cleaner and other services you have at home. Planning in advance means you won’t pay for services you’re not actually using. 

  4. Be mover friendly. If you’ve booked a professional moving company, make yourself available to answer any questions at both ends of the move. Go through your home inventory paperwork and check the driver has your phone number and all the details for the delivery. 

  5. Be safe. Whether you’ve booked movers or will do the move yourself, make the house safe. Remove all rugs, low hanging items, and any trip hazards. Keep all walkways clear. Ask someone to take care of your children and pets while you’re packing and loading the moving truck to keep them safe and out of the way. 

  6. Know what you’re packing. Label all your moving boxes with the contents and the room that they belong in. This saves time for your movers, as they won’t need to question you about where you want things, and will make it easier for you to unpack things in a logical order. 

  7. Know what not to pack. There are some items, including charcoal lighter fluid, pesticides, and paint thinner that moving companies won’t move for you. You could gift these to a neighbour or arrange to transport them yourself. Valuables like cash, jewellery and paperwork should stay with you or be shipped via a trackable shipping service. 

  8. Check and double-check. Before the van leaves, make sure everything has been loaded or unloaded. Check the attic, basement, closets and the garage for anything that might have been missed. 

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