9 Simple Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Conference

Before this global pandemic, we are all so comfortable living in a physical world. However, since we
can’t enjoy each other’s company as much as before, many of our activities moved to the digital sphere.
What is interesting is that the event industry, arguably the most affected by the current situation,
adapted to the change quickly and efficiently.
In-person conferences were and still are a great way to connect with people, share ideas and move
them forward, but until we get the green light to go back to them again, we all need to settle with
virtual conferences. Many organizers even prefer these sort of events, and they can be very fun and
successful. If you’re planning to host one of the virtual events, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Create objectives
Firstly, settle on a clear goal. Do you want to reach a better audience? Generate more leads? Boost your
? A virtual conference can help with all of these points, but you need to make sure everyone in
your team is on the same page when it comes to your objectives.

Write down the agenda


If you have various sessions and topics during your event, make sure to list them so people can tune in
to the parts they want to hear. This way, you won’t have people stepping out just before their portion of
the evening starts and stay unsatisfied. Include the agenda of your conference on your landing page and
you’ll provide a lot of useful information to your attendees.

Provide tutorials
Even though virtual conferences are huge right now, many people still consider them alien technology.
That’s why you and your staff need to come up with a handy tutorial once you settle on an event
provider. Showing your users the ways to navigate the platform is very important for a smooth

Choose a good event provider


A successful conference needs to provide a way for users to engage with each other and interact with
the presenters. So, picking out a reliable live streaming software for conferences should be at the top of
your list. You want to choose a service that involves a full production crew, experienced presenters,
audio experts to remove audio feedback, and presentation and live broadcast graphics. You also want to
hire professional rigging installation services for live events, especially if you have an impressive venue
as your backdrop. Since your audience expects something special, make sure to surprise them with
rigging—it always looks professional and exclusive. Before your big day, have a test run to ensure
everything goes according to play.

Assign a moderator
If your provider doesn’t include a professional speaker, you will need to pick one out yourself. This
person will keep the event going forward, help guide the conversation and keep the audience engaged
and entertained. For the best effect, keep your sessions short and fun to retain a high level of
engagement throughout the conference.

Invite a special guest or speaker


Since your conference is completely virtual, now you can finally invite that one keynote speaker you
couldn’t afford to fly down to your location before. This can be a top industry professional from your
field, a minor celebrity or another interesting face. Virtual conferencing allows you to have the best
guests for minimal effort, so make sure to find someone willing to participate and your event will be a
hit among your audience.

Don’t forget about marketing

Just because your event is virtual, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to advertise it. You can practice social media marketing and use your company website to reach your audience. A great way to make your event viral is to create a dedicated hashtag for the conference so you can track posts, share activities 
and reach a wider audience. You may also want to buy IG likes or followers as a means to boost your posts quickly.

Send reminders


Since everyone’s routine is a little messed up right now, it’s very easy for your registered audience to
forget about the event. So, make sure to schedule reminders that include the date, time and a link to
your conference, so that the attendees don’t miss a session they’ve signed up for.

Keep the interaction going

It’s very easy to be lulled by the comfort of your home and completely forget about the fact that a
conference should be a two-way communication deal. Presentations can get boring, so make sure to
keep the interaction going with Q&As, propositions and other interesting things that will engage the
listeners. Feedback is also important for your future work, so make sure to gather as much information
as you can from your audience.

Creating a viral virtual conference requires a lot of work, but if you strike the right combination of
ingredients, you will have an event that will be on everyone’s lips for a long time.

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