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One of the dreams many of us has as a homeowner is growing our own produce in the garden. Being able to grow and eat our own fruit and vegetables is a great feeling, but it is a challenge to do. 

Today we want to show you how you can start to prepare your garden to be the perfect growing spot for vegetables - and with these easy steps you can start your journey towards growing your own food. 

Compost scraps 

If you don’t already have a compost bin - now is the time to invest in one. A compost bin sits in your garden and you can fill it with waste from food, old newspaper, grass cuttings, and other soft plant material. Creatures such as worms will break this down into rich compost which is full of essential nutrients for your plants. By making your own rich compost, you’ll be able to give your vegetables the most nutritious start and encourage both size and flavour of your crop. 

Build a greenhouse 

Every garden needs a greenhouse if it is to grow food. Many of the plants we like to eat such as tomatoes and chillies enjoy hot weather - and most of us have harsh winters which can kill a crop in one fell swoop. To protect your crop and grow amazing food, build a greenhouse with lots of windows, and hire metal roof contractors to build a sturdy shelter from the elements. Once you have a greenhouse at your disposal, growing food will be much easier. 

Create cuttings 

Cuttings can be created from vegetable scraps you buy at the supermarket, and it will save you from buying seeds or bulbs before you start growing. There are several ways you can use scraps in your kitchen: 

  • Onion - cut off a small chunk where the roots are and place roots face down in a dish of water, keep moist and watch it start to grow before planting in soil

  • Herbs - take a 2 inch piece of any herb, and take off all leaves apart from the top 2, place in water for a week and once roots show, transfer to soil 

  • Carrots - cut off the top of your carrot and place the flesh side down in a dish of water. It will eventually root and you can transfer to soil 

Use copper wire 

To protect the part of your garden you intend to use as an allotment, a good idea is to create a border with copper wire. Copper wireis a deterrent for slugs and snails and will stop them from chowing down on your pumpkin or lettuce leaves. 

Clear a sunny spot 

It is important when clearing a space in your garden for vegetables that you choose a sunny spot. To grow large and produce ripe produce, your vegetables need a lot of sunlight, so be sure to find a sunny spot in your garden which has sunlight during the peak of the day. 

These small tips will prepare your garden for vegetables and allow you to finally eat your own crops! 

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