How to Fit Physical Activity Into Your Busy Schedule


It can be challenging to fit in physical activity for many of us, particularly during the colder months or when we have a number of other responsibilities competing for our attention. If you are occupied with work, caring for young children, and making time for your spouse and friends, a HOTWORX session is just a short enough time period you can fit in.

Exercising can become even more important during these times of increased activity than it was previously. This is true regardless of whether you are working towards a fitness goal, such as preparing for a race, or simply working out for your own health. Twenty minutes of exercise can do wonders for your mental and physical health.


But when life gets hectic, how can you possibly find the time to work out?

Try out the Run Commute.

Do the run commute if you want to get some exercise without having to sacrifice your time at work. You can run to and from work if your home is within a reasonable running distance from your workplace. If you have to travel too far, consider getting off the train a few stations early and running the rest of the way. Bring some extra clothes with you and leave your work shoes at the office so you can change when you get there.

You should always have your workout attire on hand.

Keep your workout clothes ready at all times so that you can work out whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Keep your workout clothes and running shoes in the trunk of your car.

This indicates that you are able to go for a run regardless of where you currently find yourself. This can add variety to your normal schedule by allowing you to explore new routes. It can be hard to find the time, but this challenge is also a lot of fun, even if you can only work out for twenty minutes.

If you want to box whenever you have some free time at home, you should hang a punching bag in the garage.

Get Your Errands Done

Do your daily tasks, to put it plainly. If you need to drop the kids off at nursery, you might want to consider getting a jogging stroller so that you can run there. Buy a backpack and run to the grocery store or post office. You already had to go there for your errands, so you might as well get some exercise while you're there.

Schedule Your Exercises

If you're the type who likes to have everything in its place, treat your workouts like any other appointment you might have on your calendar. Make sure to schedule time for your workouts, either in a physical planner or on the calendar on your phone. If you write down your workouts and dedicate specific time to them, you may be more motivated to actually complete them.

The schedules of your children and your own exercise routines might be able to work together. Drop them off at their football game on the weekend and go for a run while they're playing. In the knowledge that they are preoccupied and won't be needing you for a while longer, you can go to the gym at the same time as them.

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