Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Games Room'


One of the most popular rooms in any house will be a games room; it is literally a room designed for fun so it is easy to see why! A space to gather with friends, to reconnect with family, or just unwind on your own away from your ever present at home office. 

If you are looking to create a games room, or bring your existing room up to date we have some tips and ideas for you to consider;

Hydration Station - Whether you prefer a fully stocked bar, a soft drinks fridge, or a chic cocktail cart, a games room benefits from some form of drinks offering conveniently in the room itself; after all you don’t want to have to leave the fun to get a drink! 

Maximise Space and Maximise Fun -  No matter what size room you have, it is always important to get the most “bang for your buck”. Choosing multifunction options (i.e. a pool table that converts to an air hockey and ping pong table) and clever storage ideas are a must. If you have limited space consider which items to include in your room bring the most value, either in terms of variety or perhaps it is a particular game that you and your friends and family love and will use all the time. Televisions offer variety with various games consoles, karaoke machines and simply watching TV or listening to music all covered. 

A Foosball Table - a popular item in every fun space is a foosball table, it’s an easy to pick up game and can be played by either two or four people. There are so many options to suit various decor styles here too, so you can easily find one that fits with your space and aesthetic. 

Comfortable Seating - You want your games room to be an inviting and relaxing setting, and a comfy spot to sit down whilst gaming or whilst waiting to play is a must have.  Long gone are those ubiquitous cheap games room black “leather” sofas on hard frames that you immediately felt on sitting down. Soft sofas, oversized floor cushions, or a recliner armchair are all great options for various sized spaces.

Lighting - Consider when you will be most using your space so you can choose the most appropriate lighting. If this will be an evening option then natural light isn’t important and you may choose some feature light up vinyl signs to add an interesting light element. If the room will be mainly used at weekends and in the daytime then having natural light sources is always important to boosting your wellbeing, which after all should be the main point of a games room!

A games room should be a fun and inviting area where you can forget your worries and release some endorphins - no matter what style of room you choose or whichever games you choose to include don’t forget the most important thing; that you enjoy it and use it! Keep it authentic to whatever “fun” means for you and you can’t go too far wrong.    

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