Home Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know'

When you own a home you want it to be beautiful and comfortable. There are a few things you're going to have to do to make sure that it lives up to your expectations. 

Over time almost all houses become run down and there's no getting around this

except to make sure that you do regular home and maintenance. Here are some of the major things that you should be doing every month to make sure that your home stays in tip-top shape. 

Make Your Yard Look Good

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Want to make sure you're keeping up with your home maintenance? Taking care of your interiors and exteriors can be a challenge, but you need to rise to it. Here are some maintenance tips you should consider.

Beautify Your Yard

Your yard is the first thing that people's eyes see. You should not make their jaws drop because they are shocked that it's in a shabby condition. Instead, you should aim to have their eyes popping because your yard is looking great. 

Keeping up with the yard work can be a chore, so you need to schedule this by putting timers and reminders on your phone, or you can outsource it to a company. Either way, you have to keep your yard looking well-dressed.

Fire Safety

You must ensure fire safety is a part of your regular maintenance checklist. Check your smoke detectors to make sure that the batteries are still working. 

You should also test your carbon dioxide detectors while you are at it. Make sure that everything has good batteries. Failure to do this can have some dire consequences. 

Check your fire extinguisher, and look at the expiration date. Also, check the parts and the components of the extinguisher as well. You want to make sure that it's ready to get up and go when the need for quenching arises.

Maintain Your Kitchen

It's a good idea to keep kitchen maintenance at the top of your list as well. The kitchen is the most used room in the home. 

This is where all the meals are prepared. It is considered the heart of the home. While you're baking those delicious apple pies and trying out several mouth-watering dishes, make sure that everything is working well in the kitchen.

Check under the sink and make sure that the plumbing is fine and not in need of maintenance. If all is not well you will need to get plumbing services

Keep track of your appliances as well. You want to make sure that everything is in good working order. If you find some repairs necessary, don't hesitate to pick up your phone and call for help.

These are the three of the major things that you should be focusing on. You might find that your home needs more attention than this. Every month you can schedule something new to keep track of, just make sure that you keep a schedule,     so you can't keep this all-important room on the pedestal where it should be.

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