When to get help with mobility issues


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Many of us experience mobility issues as we get older. Some of us may even develop mobility issues when we’re younger as a result of injuries, illness or conditions. While we may try to maintain our independence at first, there may eventually reach a point when we need help. It’s important that you don’t delay this help and end up neglecting your basic needs. Below are some signs that it could be time to look into hiring some help.

Getting around is becoming slower and more difficult

Crutches, walking sticks, walkers, wheelchairs and mobility scooters can all help us to get around - but they have limitations. If you need to drive somewhere but can no longer drive yourself, you will need someone who can drive for you. Relying on taxis could get expensive, and so you may want to consider looking into services that can help you get around.

Some people with mobility issues even find that they struggle to get around their home. If moving isn’t an option, you may need someone who can help you climb stairs or get to the bathroom. Having someone to do errands could even be useful if you find walking short distances to be painful or exhausting. There are care services that can carry out tasks for you like shopping for groceries or posting letters. 

You’re struggling to look after your personal hygiene

Maintaining personal hygiene is important for our physical health. It is also important for our mental health, as it can affect the way we feel about ourselves. If taking a bath or shower is becoming challenging, it may be time to accept that you need to hire help.

There are options you may be able to explore before this such as installing a walk-in shower with a seat and grab rail if you currently don’t have one. However, this is still not enough, you may have to accept help from a carer. There are at-home care services you can look into to help with your personal hygiene needs. 

Preparing food and drinks is becoming harder

You need to be able to feed and hydrate yourself. Mobility issues combined with issues like parkinsons could make it hard to cook and prepare basic meals. Things could be particularly bad if you are struggling to pour a drink for yourself or open basic packaging. Certain kitchen modifications may be able to help make these tasks easier. However, if this is not enough or you cannot afford such modifications, you will need to look into help. 

There are care services that can come into your home and help prepare you meals or simply make a cup of tea or coffee. There are also meal delivery services that you can look into to save someone having to come into your home and cook - especially if you are unable to supply ingredients. 

Your are unable to keep on top of other basic housework

Being able to clean your home and carry out basic repairs is important. If you can no longer keep on top of housework because of mobility issues, it could be time to hire some help.

From gardening to general cleaning, there are many professional services out there to choose from. This includes services that are focused towards those with disabilities. Even if you’re just hiring someone an hour per week to carry out a few basic housework tasks, it could have a big impact on your quality of life. 

Loved ones aren’t able to cope with helping you

Loved ones may be able to step in and carry out many of the above tasks for you. However, if they do not live with you and have other commitments such as work and kids, there may come a point when you can no longer solely rely on them for help. 

None of us want to be considered a burden to our loved ones. If you feel that loved ones are helping you begrudgingly or are trying to get out of helping you, it could be time to look into some professional care to help reduce the strain. Your loved ones may be able to help you select someone appropriate. 

Of course, if a loved one is eager and willing to help you and does not want you hiring professional help, there’s no need to look into paying anyone. It will depend very much on the relationship you have with your loved one and how much time and energy they have to give.

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