Everyday we have the choice to show up for ourselves.
 To risk our hearts…one more time, even when life has hurt us.
To express ourselves. 
To take care of others and to take care of ourselves, but facing our trauma, fears and pain.  
To forgive and then forgive and forgive again. 
To let go of shame. 
To walk humbly. To be purposeful. 
To lean into hope. 
To be willing to crack ourselves wide open with vulnerability. 

 It’s so worth it.I don’t want to have shallow conversations anymore. I don’t want to ever go back to just showing the highlights of life.  I don’t ever want to shrink away from talking about Jesus! I just want to live what ever days I have left baring it all, giving my all, being shockingly real, messy and vulnerable. 

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain.I am finding that I am drawn more and more to people like me. People who want intimacy. People who are willing to share the hard and difficult spaces.People who don’t care about pretenses. People who like to talk about God and what he is doing in their lives.  It’s not that I want to be in the hard spaces all the time, I love to have fun, I love light and easy, but I also won’t pretend there is no hard.  I have no fear of going to deep places and sitting with people in their pain. I feel most comfortable at that table now with other people who show up for the hard but continue to allow their hearts to remain soft.  I feel most comfortable with people who are showing up for life even through pain and loss.  
Ultimately, I just care about letting people feel seen and heard in this one life we have all been given. I care about people feeling wildly loved! I care about being a cheerleader for others.  That’s it….my Wednesday thoughts

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