Not enough? And then it struck me.

Driving down the road this morning thinking about what else I can get my kids for Christmas this year.  I love to give, I try to get the gift that everyone will want and need. 

We have some presents under the tree but NOT ENOUGH! 
It was that thought - “NOT ENOUGH”- 
that stopped me in my tracks. 

Not enough? 

And then it struck me. 

I don’t remember ONE SINGLE THING I got for Christmas when I was 6 years old. I don’t remember a specific toy (for the most part) that brought me an insurmountable amount of joy or feeling a certain level of admiration for a specific gift. 

But you know what I DO remember?

The laughter. The food. The Christmas Album blasting from every speaker in the house. Going to my Aunt Penny's for Christmas dinner, The hot chocolate. The reading of the birth of Jesus . Singing ‘Silent Night’ at The Christmas Eve service every year. 

I remember the magic and wonder I felt just knowing and believing  when we woke up that there would be presents. I remember snuggling with my sister in bed on Christmas Eve having a rough time sleeping because it was to exciting.

I remember the presents, sure! But not what was inside of them. What I remember most of all are the feelings and the memories that were made during this time of year. 

And you know what,  kids aren’t going to remember the dinosaur I spent 6 days trying to track down on Amazon or the Barbie that will have her head ripped off by the dog before we even have Christmas dinner. 😂

They will only remember the way they felt and the memories we, as parents, make sure we give them! 

So, this is for the Mama (or Daddy) that may be struggling this year, worried that your children won’t have enough on Christmas morning. 

Blast those Christmas jams, bake those Christmas cookies, watch “The Santa Clause” for the 100th time, tell them the story of Jesus and let your babies see Him shining through you! 

That’s what they will remember. Trust me. 

Merry Christmas 🎄

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