Becoming a Momma

When we got married- my hubby worked on call out of town a lot, I felt lonely and felt the urge to become a mommy. Hubby wasn't as easy to convince, we finally agreed to 'try' in a month.

First month- wasn't pregnant, I thought this is mean- I want a baby now, why can't we get pregnant.
Second month- same negative.
I know some people try for months and years but I didn't want to- I wanted to be a mommy now.

We found out Dec 10 / 2002 - few days before my mother in laws birthday, we planned to keep it a secret and share on cmas day- that is until the morning sickness started.......

My mother knew I was sick and I wasn't feeling better- one day not long after we found out, she was really worried because I puked 24/7- she demanded I go to the hospital- she was so worried that she was gonna call ambulance, hubby then told her- she didn't know what to do- she was thrilled, then on my MIL's birthday I called and told her- her response was ' that's the best birthday present'.

Brooke was born July 29, 2003, 7lbs, 4.1 ounces and perfect!
I remember hearing that first cry and my heart filled up with love for her.
I look at her and think- God trusted me with a baby, wow! I had no experience with babies. Thankful my MIL was around, she was a great help.

Watching her grow, each day being less independent- babies grow so fast so enjoy it. My heart swelled with love.

Now she is 9- still my baby.
She is now so independent, at times I want her to need me more but she is "too big" for cuddles, me helping her shower, dress- she can do that now.

Each day she is growing up more and more, before we know it she is 16 and were getting her a car, then high school graduation, off to college and I'm crying as she drives off, after college she announces she has a boyfriend and then comes engagement- then her
Wedding Day

Again, I cry to know I'm gonna be giving her to the man she laughs with, lives for and Loves, its happy tears.

What I'm  saying here mom's/dad's- enjoy every second with your baby, even once they are grown- do special things, communicate with them, let them know your their friend, the more comfortable they are with you, the more trust they have in you. If my daughter came home pregnant (please God,no)  I wouldn't  look down at her, I'd love her all the more.

Having a little girl is so fun! Pretty dress, shoes,boots, pretty hair styles, shopping buddy.

Brooke i am so blessed to be your momma, dont ever change your sweet ways, you make me proud every day. i love you sweet girl. 

Don't ever grow up- taylor swift

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  1. such a sweet post. My babies are 2 years and 3 months and I can't imagine them being so grown up (Even 9 years!) I'm excited to see who they will grow up to be, but I want to keep them small and cuddly too.

    sigh. motherhood is such a beautiful thing filled withwonderful and many bittersweet moments.

    thanks for sharing some of yours <3


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