Weekend Recap

day started with me going to the mail and getting present from secret santa here in bloggerville

Black friday here in NB as well as the USA, so I decided I'd do some shopping. I got so many amazing prices for everything I bought.

I got my dads, father in law- dress shirts for $3 each.
Shirts for nieces and nephews for $4 each, toys for each for $2, plus a bunch more for less then $60, I was so excited, I splurged on my niece and got her a tutu dress for $15, christmas shopping really stresses me out because I wanna buy everything for everyone all at once and because we do this with cash only, it makes it hard to get it all at once, we don't use credit cards for purchases and be a year paying off- not happening.
Friday night we went christmas tree shopping- I cannot wait til next weekend to decorate. Also got brooke her Christmas dress- tradition that every year she has a new one. It is silvery and glittery this year.

Friday night a friend ( Cherie )  called and asked to hang out and do some shopping with her today- so alarm was set for 9 am and we went out at 10:30- first place we went was to Market- have i mentioned how much i love the farmers market here...it was so much fun hanging out with her and viewing all the booths that were around. I bought samosa's, sooooooo good, also got some freshly squeezed orange juice, there was so much i wanted to buy there, i am going back next week for them....

We left there and went to Tim Horton's to meet a friend of Cherie's, was so nice to meet her, we sat and chatted for an hour or so and then we went to the other market...there was so much awesome stuff there...i could have broke the bank but i refrained and didn't buy it - thanks Dave Ramsey. 
We went to bed, bath and beyond after that- another waste of a space store, i really never find anything there at all. 
She brought me home after that and hubby had made the greatest chili i have ever had, i am a big chili person and it was soo good.
We dropped Brooke off at a birthday party at a hotel- she spent the night with a mom we have grown to know since moving here, she also goes to our church....they went swimming, did a dinner at the hotel, movie, more swimming and breakfast in the morning- she had so much fun. 
Hubby and I went to pick up a guy from our church who needed a drive to pick up his vehicle at the rental place- then he decided to come over and eat dinner with us, we got some tositios and had it with Chili with ice cream cake for dessert... hubby and i decided to go to the mall so i could get his new cell phone that he wanted for Christmas- he got this baby
yes he is in love, i think he may love it more then me :p
I also bought a couple more things for Brooke while there- she is now officially spoiled and i am done for her. I wish i could say i am all done shopping, i really wish i could, but sadly i cant yet....
We came home and hubby played with his phone and i took a bath and talked to my cousin for a bit, then bed myself, i slept so good and dreampt about a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...lol

Sunday's mean the weekend is ending...and hubby has to go back to work, i hate the thought of it because i like having him home with me :p
We did the normal Sunday Church, guests for lunch, Sunday nap, back to church for Sunday PM service. 
Came home to get lunches ready, laundry started for tomorrow and another week begins. 

Cheers and have a great week , to check out who the winner is check the post below. 

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