Weekend Recap

This weekend wasn't all that exciting actually

Friday night- we went grocery shopping, 2nd time for the Menu planning and a list, i am loving this, I have updated my Menu plan in the menu on the top right corner so makes sure to check it out

Saturday - hubby made me breakfast...
Eggs,toast, sausage, bacon- hes so sweet

Then we went to my sisters house to help her move into her new house...she has a beautiful new home, i helped her mainly at her old house, few last min things to pack.  We came home around 3 because hubby wasn't feeling well, we both slept til almost 6 pm and he felt better then.  I cannot remember what Brooke and I did Saturday evening, not much of anything

Sunday- Church- i love my church
also found out Sunday Morning that a friend i grew up with got killed in a car crash

Such a beautiful girl, taken to soon...
My heart breaks for her mom and dad
WE met friends from Newfoundland for lunch, was sooo good to get some Newfoundland hugs and see friends we haven't seen in a long time. 

the mom on the left side used to babysit me all the time when i was much younger.We ate at Montana's. had a blast. 
Sunday PM- we had our 2nd service at FHS- another group of new faces, love how people want to come to church here and get to know Jesus.

Take care my lovelies <3 

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