31 years

In celebration of my 31st Birthday, I decided to list 31 random facts about me

1) I love my birthday, love the day to be all about me :p
2) I do not drive- have no desire to get my drivers license
3) I love Michael Jackson 
4) I love to spoil people with presents 
5) I love to socialize, but it totally exhausts me.
6) I dont know how to swim
7) I collect keychains and notebooks
8) I used to have 80 pairs of shoes, now I'm down to about 40
9) I am a shopper and could spend hours in the mall 
10) I love Orange juice with ice
11) My drink of choice would be milk
12) I love to laugh
13) I would love to have another baby
14) I am a Apple product girl
15) I would love to travel the world, like buy a RV and just travel, hubby thinks i'm crazy
16) Lady bugs really scare me
17) I use to be scared to stay alone, now i don't mind it, how things changes when your a mom
18) I dont have any allergies
19) I dont particularly enjoy music, what i mean is I don't have to have music on to clean etc 
20) I cried when i first got my period- i thought there was something seriously wrong with my body 
21) I dropped out of University because I got homesick 
22) My only ever boyfriend was my husband 
23) I love to drink tea
24) I am a Boston Bruins Fan
25) I am addicted to the game show " Minute to win it"
26) I play clarinet
27) I love to go camping
28) The first meal i made as a new wife was a boxed pizza and sliced my finger open while doing it 
29) I knew i was going to marry him when i met him at 13
30) I love spicy food but due to IC i cannot have it
31) My go to food is Pizza- Yum, anytime of the day or night 

My wish for me this year is to have the best year yet. 


  1. Happy Birthday Terri! I do hope its the best year for you yet! :)

  2. Happy birthday, Terri! I love reading how you celebrate yourself - it touches my heart <3
    I believe that it is our natural state of being to love ourself, but sometimes we simply "forget" about it...
    Big hug

  3. My wish for you is to have the best year yet as well. I am also an apple product girl. Love everything made by apple and I was born in MA, so GO BRUINS!

  4. Happy 31st Birthday Terri! I hope you have a great weekend ~ do some things for yourself mama! I used to hate Apple products...until I got the iPhone, now I'm in love lol. How's that for a hypocrite? I would shop all day with you Terri, if we lived close to each other! And you're so right ~ I used to be scared of staying alone too, until I had kids. Now it's not so bad. xoxo!

  5. many happy returns of the day :)

  6. Happy Birthday to you!!!

    My daughter plays clarinet. :)

  7. Hope you had a great birthday. What a good list!


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