Weekend Recap

Woke up to a sick baby girl who had no school today but couldn't go to day care, she felt like she was going to be puking, so i gave her medication and we went back to bed for another hour or so and then Daddy stayed home with her while I went to work- So thankful that he is able to stay home when it's needed, my hubby has the best job in the world, he works hard for us and it shows how much his employer respects him from his pay scale and the raises he gets.
When I got to work I realized I was an hour late, I was supposed to work at 8 am and I didn't get there til 9, I couldn't believe I was late, I always work 9-5:30, oh well it happens. I made up for it though bc I had a great sales day, so my supervisor was ok with it, not that she wouldn't be anyway, I can't say it enough she is incredible. a Co worker brought me an early present

Left at 2 pm for treatment, it was one of the better ones for sure, came home and took a nap with my baby girl while we sent daddy out to get groceries ( i am not a grocery shopper, worst chore ever) for dinner we just did
Honey garlic wings, BBQ wings, jalepeno poppers and mozza sticks while we watched the game.
I then did some more work to a slide show presentation that i am working on for Pastor Appreciation Sunday (20th), I am not the best at doing those things, but i am hoping i can get it to work out

Saturday: the day i become another year older- I felt so much love, facebook was blown up all day with over 200 people sending me wishes, plus the private messages and the text message, the phone calls and the in person messages i got so emotional because I had no idea I was so loved.
Brooke made me breakfast in bed this morning
this was the best french toast i have ever eaten, It is one of my favourite things to have for breakfast. 
We went into town and did some shopping,  went and visited the new Super Centre Wal Mart- it was crazy busy but it was nice and great prices, I wanted to find some shoes for my birthday but I couldn't find anything I liked.. so I'll keep my birthday money from my parents and wait til I find something. 
Brooke had a birthday party at 2 pm, so we dropped her off and hubby and I had a date, we had a great time together, love that man so much, Brooke got the coolest Tattoo while at the party
it is the first time i have seen this and it is amazing and cool. 
We went to dinner at Montana's, i got their fajitas and this apple cobbler for dessert
We went shopping at the fish store after dinner, I wanted a new fish and I got one, I will share pictures later but right now i'm to lazy to go down stairs and take one. 
Birthday Presents were:
3 dresses
1 jacket
Iphone case
stationery stuff
some of the girls at work got me some things as well. They treat me well 
Tidied the house a bit when I got home- I didn't do any deep cleaning because its my birthday and I shouldn't have to right :p

This sweet baby girl {Melita} was born today at 8:06 pm on my birthday, her momma is a great friend of mine that works with me, I am so ticked and I cannot wait to meet her tomorrow
it made my birthday that much more special to share it with her. 
Congrats Tara, I am so proud of you. 

I helped out in Sunday School today because of the long weekend here, the SS teacher that took over my class has gone away for the weekend for a wedding, so I helped out. 
The kids had a cake for me and sang Happy Birthday, was so nice to be there again. 
My Secret Sister gave me a birthday present as well, I feel so loved. 
Moses and his girlfriend came over after sunday night service and we had nachos and watched hockey:) 
I fell asleep early and felt so rude but I couldn't stay awake. 

Thanksgiving here in Canada-
WE got invited out for Thanksgiving lunch, it is a big deal here to have a turkey with all the fixings for Thanksgiving, it was a lovely time. 
There were beautiful desserts as well
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Pumpkin Pie
apple Crumble that was truly the best I have ever eaten.

We had a great time then we took a drive to this place

I love Covered bridges, this isn't a great picture because it was dusk and it was raining, I was so excited that it is so close to us 

We had a great Long weekend, Have you?


  1. Wonderful that you had such a great birthday weekend Terri! And that is precious that your friend's baby girl was born on your birthday :)

  2. Happy Birthday darling!!! That Henna design is amazing and how sweet is your new birthday friend. xxx

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Terri, Apple cobbler mmmm!!!

  4. Hurrah for happy birthday celebrations, and hurrah for the baby being born on your birthday too!! I like that henna tattoo!

  5. Happy Birthday. That sounds like a wonderful weekend.


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