Weekend Recap

Friday: After being released from the hospital, I spent the day asleep, seriously I slept til 3 pm, I did get up and made cookies and dinner, Friday evening I had a complete break down, i was just at a spot in my life with this illness that I felt I couldn't keep going, I was in a lot of pain and it wouldn't go away, I felt like I needed a good cry, then i went on some IC chats and the wonderful amazing ladies there helped me a great deal, there isn't a lot of people who deals with this but they that do are awesome. 
I tried to watch hockey with Andrew but i couldn't focus on it and I kept disturbing him even thought he didn't complain, I knew i should leave him alone, so I went and watch "Our Idiot Brother" it is funny but a lot of language, but it really made me feel better, sometimes we need to just let loose and enjoy the moment. 

Saturday: I decided I would try and work a couple hours on Saturday so I did, I worked from 9:30-2, the ladies I work with are truly truly awesome ladies, we have so much fun yet we do our work, since I got a new Supervisor, I don't mind working there anymore, a good supervisor makes all the difference.
Andrew picked me up at 2 pm and we went to McDonald's for lunch, I have been boycotting McD's all of September but yesterday I figured i would go with the family, I tried there new Santa Fe Veggie Wrap, it is amazingly good, I love Santa Fe anything, i came home and took a nap, made Mac n cheese for supper, then i had a burst of energy so I cleaned the house like a mad woman, ha ha.  Then it was hockey time ( we are a hockey family, like as foot ball in the US, hockey is the sport in Canada), Boston was playing and they did a great job and won off course, i was up til 2 am because I had a longer then I should have had nap. 

Sunday: At our church today we had the Northeast Christian College Chorale
 they came last year as well and they always do a great job. 

I have been snacking on this all day 
they have to be my all time favourite and i may have sat down and ate most of a box, remind me of that when i am complaining of the 10 lbs. i've gained  :p

Moses and his girlfriend came for lunch today, Roast beef, mashed potatoes, corn and gravy
was yumm

Watching hockey game now with hubby, Winnipeg vs Anaheim Ducks

Have a great week 


  1. I quite like reading your weekend recaps Terri. How fantastic would it be to go back over these a year from now and reminisce about these special moments that you spend with your family! This is the beauty of blogging. :)

    As for all that is going on in your life, I say pray about it and use the support that is offered to you. Your family, your friends and all of us on Lady Bloggers. :)

    Love to you,

  2. Glad you are feeling somewhat better :-)
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. How true that years from now, it will be so interesting to look back and see what was happening in your life. I was trying to keep a journal, and it always seems there's not enough time to keep up with it. I really need to make those few minutes a day or at least every week.

  4. A good supervisor CAN make all of the difference in the world. I'm glad you like your job. :)

  5. I like your weekend recap idea. Save the weekends for doing stuff and then blog later.

  6. Thanks for sharing. Hope you are on the mend!

  7. I have journals and notebooks with things from years ago and I love looking at them this is better on the blog thanks for sharing

  8. Hmmm, I love Girl Guide cookies too!


Thanks for the blogging Love

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