Thursday Thoughts


Thursday thoughts

 I have been so stressed for the past few weeks about moving, I love the house we have now and I do not want to move- it is a major downsize for us and I don’t do well with small places.
We went last night and picked up all of our furniture, we got some great deals. I love me a good sale.
Brooke had a great birthday this year, she sent me this text –
this text made me so happy to know she had a great time.
yes my 11 year old has a phone now, we are teaching her responsibility with it, she has to use her allowance to pay for it or it won’t be in service, I think she can have that responsibility now.
I have decided to give up junk food and loose some of this extra weight, I look at other people and see how nice they look and I want to have that self esteem back ( post coming on that soon). Day 1 of no chips, choc or ice cream, let’s do this.


  1. I totally get where you are coming from with not wanting to downsize. I've been considering it for awhile now, but haven't been able to bring myself to that point.

    Congrats on giving up the junk food. There are tons of amazing healthy foods that taste just as good with much less calories.

  2. good luck with the diet and everything else - understsnd the downsizing toally - but there are lots of benefits too - like a lot less housework! plus you probably have all the rooms you use any way......

  3. Funny... right before heading here an FB friend posted that her 11 year old just got a handmedown cell and they made her sign a contract: http://tweenparenting.about.com/od/tweenculture/a/Parent-Child-Cell-Phone-Contracts.htm. Now I'll know how to handle it as it's coming soon. Your new house is gong to be a great home!


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