Weekend Recap

Friday:I left work around 4:30 and we went to get Brooke at day care, then we decided to cross over into the United States as we are only 45 mins from the border, we went to do some shopping, forgetting that it was 4th of July, we did get some groceries though, I couldn’t go to my favourite stores because they were closed, we ate dinner and got home by 10:30 at night, it was a nice family trip. 

Saturday: We woke to major storm the wrath of Hurricane Arthur, there is so much damage done to our beautiful city, we were without power for 24 hours, as well as water and cell service ( sucks), we had to go into town for food as we had no way to cook anything, we had breakfast for lunch and thai food for dinner, it was good. We also went to visit some friends to pass some time, it’s hard to be without power, here are some pictures of it 
there are approx 2000 trees down in our city 

wires are all across the road 

under water - this is where we have church 

Sunday: We woke to day 2 of no power, we slept in a bit, then went into town( we live out in the country), to walmart for some water and propane because we have no power, water, heat, phone, cell phones etc… just the 4 of us( Moses was here as well), we came home and made bacon, eggs and sausage on the BBQ, it was good. 
We cleaned up the yard from the storm, our fence is completely down going to our pool, the trampoline did not survive, a lot of the city is under water as well, it made getting water and propane very difficult, but we got it. 
We went to Beaver Tails for ice cream-best ice cream in the world. 
We went to visit a friend who had a generator so we could charge cell phones for the clock etc, we could also make phone calls if we had to but no texting or data, it feels so weird to be so cut off from the world like we were. 
We all went to the barn to see what mess was left behind, the animals were ok, there were a lot of trees around that had fallen, so that got cleaned up then we went to DQ for ice cream it is so hot here, some people had power back as of 9 pm, we are still without it. 

Going to bed and hoping it is done by morning

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  1. Hopefully, power will be restored soon. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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