Confessional friday

Happy friday, I am linking up with Leslie to share some good ol' confession time.

1) I am sitting by my phone as my sister is in labor, I cannot wait to hear another sweet lil niece has been delivered, perfectly healthy and momma is doing great as well. 

2) I am sad at the same time because I was supposed to be flying to Denver today to be with the kids, but since I lost my job, my mom is going instead. 

3) I have another interview today #3, I have applied for 5 jobs and have had 3 interviews. 

4) We are planning a little getaway for my birthday that is coming next weekend. 


  1. Happy early Birthday to you!! I hope you have a great getaway, and congrats on being a new auntie again!!

  2. That's a lot of excitement in your corner! A birthday, a new baby to love and a new job just around the corner. Wishing you all the best!

  3. so much excitement, I am tired all ready ;)
    Thankyou @Monica

  4. Lots of things to celebrate this week! I hope you get to see your niece soon and happy early birthday to you. :)


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