Weekend Recap

I cleaned the house, relaxed, worked some more on some projects I have going on, I am working on sewing a dress for my nieces, I have no pattern so trying to get it to work right, oh well trial and error right. 
I made chicken burgers and salad for dinner, hubby brought home a friend with him, they made home made hot sauce- they are doing it as a side business, they can sell more then they can make, this one is made from the 2nd hottest peppers in the world right now- Trinidad Scorpion. Much to hot for me, it even took my breathe away, I am not one for hot hot sauce anyway... i like a little bit but nothing that takes my breathe away, I want my food to be enjoyable. 
Trinidad Scorpion

They are selling these little bottles right now for $10, I was shocked that they could get that, but it is all natural as well, if you want some, I can mail it to you ;) 
Later Lori and Wanda came over for a chat and tea,  I love friends like them, they come at the drop of a hat( meaning if I needed them they come- i look at them like they are my parents here. 
Watched some hockey with Hubby and then bed. 

We all slept in then hubby went to the office for a little bit, when he came home he had a tea for me, I love my tea and having him bring me one meant a lot. it is the little things right?

I made a lasagna dinner with salad and garlic bread, we invited friends over, I have been meaning to for a while just time got away from me, we had a great time, Brooke spends a lot of time with their daughter and they quiz together, so it was nice to have them over, they have a exchange student living with them from Columbia, it was good to hear about Columbia and get to know her. 
I had brownies and ice cream for dessert, I should have made a better dessert but I ran out of energy. 

Watched hockey after I cleaned the kitchen, Bruins vs Toronto, Bruins won 4-1 and it was incredible game. 

Sunday's seem to come so quickly, they are always so busy for us. 
We got to church early to set up, my friend Rachel came and it was so good to see her, she brought her friend with her and he accepted Jesus into his heart, it was so cool. 
We went to Mary Brown's for lunch, just 3 of us, we usually have friends join us, but it was so nice to have just us. 
We had a band join us for sunday night service- Redemption Road- they also brought with them Village of Hope- Giving hope to the drug-alcohol dependants and their co-dependants by presenting Jesus Christ as the answer.
They had some guys tell their story and wow, i was in tears, I am so proud of those boys for seeing a problem and doing something about it, and what better way. 

Whats happening for you this week?


  1. Well my weekend did not involve such scrumptious meals! That lasagna looks amazing. I will ask my daughter if she's interested in the hot sauce. If she cries from eating it, it's a winner!

  2. Here you are guilty over a simple dessert when I made my fiance HAMBURGER HELPER last night. And he did most of the cooking, LOL! It's nice to have time with friends on the weekend, it's something I want to do more of.

  3. That lasagna is making me hungry...I think great meals make for a successful weekend. ;-)

  4. I love that your friend's friend accepted Jesus on Sunday! That's a great highlight to the weekend. And your photo of Saturday's meal. Made. Me. Hungry. Good post.

  5. There's no better dessert than brownies and ice cream! ;)

  6. Sounds like you had a delightful weekend. I think brownies and ice cream sounds delish after lasagna. :-)

  7. Hot sauce is not my thing either... especially the kind that make you sweat. I also love it when my husband does those little things, like bringing me coffee or doing the laundry. It sounds like you had a wonderful and inspiring weekend. Hope this coming week is just as enjoyable.

  8. Sounds like a great weekend! My little brother likes hot sauce like that. I have tried some super one of the "hottest hot sauces in the world" and it was awful for me. I only tried a tiny taste too! That's cool that your husband and his friend are starting that business though. There are lots of people, like my brother, who are really into hot sauces. And your lasagna looks delicious too!


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