Confessional Friday

It is time for Confessional friday and I am linking up with Leslie 

Today I confess:

1) Hearing about the terrorist attacks on our Nations Capital Wednesday has left a very uneasy feeling with me,  why are there so many crazies in this world, why do they have to kill those who keep us safe, Oh Canada... we stand on guard for me. You can read more here 

2) I am not sure what is going on with the Boston Bruins last night, they are very disorganized and not playing their best. 

3) I'm trying to find a cheap flight from here to visit my sister, so far no luck. I refuse to pay $1300.00 for a flight to anywhere, unless it's our anniversary trip to Bora Bora 

4) I applied for a very awesome job last night and I just hope it is mine, I feel good about it, and hope to get a call because I need a job 

What are you confessing today?


  1. I heard about the attacks and it sickens me. There is so much evil in this world, it's heartbreaking and frightening. My thoughts and prayers are with your nation.

  2. I'm still in shock over the shooting! We pride ourselves on being such a neutral country and we are so fortunate that we are so "free." Unfortunately, I think we've finally been forced to wake up and realize that we are no longer untouchable!!! ;-(

  3. So much happening.. Praying you find a cheaper flight and get the job!! Look forward to following you here and now :)


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