Exciting News

I have kept this news quiet for a while but now that everyone family wise knows I would like to share with you on here. 

For the past 5 years I have been working with a temp agency, a lot of part time job ranging anywhere from a day- to 6 months or more. 

It has been hard but yet I have enjoyed it so much 

the worst part for me being a planner is not knowing when more income is coming in after a job is finished. 

As I have mentioned before I have been working in a micro biology lab for the past 8 weeks and it is not a bad job just not what I want to do, the people are so nice to work with, I have made some lasting friendship. 

Fast forward to the week before Easter break I had an interview at a growing business for payroll clerk which is what I have been looking to do, I wanted an office job where I can dress up every day and feel good about what I do...
The interview was a pretty quick one and I thought I had missed it and would never hear from them, but within a few minutes she told me she wanted me to come back for a second interview, but yet never set up a time for me to do that.. then we had 5 days off with no work because of easter and it was a long 5 days because I wanted to hear back.. 
so they sent an email on the Tuesday after and asked if I could come back in the next day for my second interview.... 
Tuesday Night I never slept at all because I wanted the job, I was also not sure if I was supposed to even take the job if offered so I prayed and said Ok God if I am supposed to take this job, he will offer it to me that day... 
Once I got there the nervous jitters had stopped and I felt fine. 
I met with the owner and he said within 5 mins I want to hire you, we talked about hours etc, then he told me what I am making $ wise and I was taken aback I never thought he would offer me so  much. 
I start on April 11th with a full time permanent job. 
I am so very thankful 


Thanks for the blogging Love

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