Weekend Recap

It was my last day at my job you do not know why, refer to here.
I also got taken to lunch by a couple of friends from there, I got the pulled pork poutine, it was so good.

After work we had a staff social and technically I was still a staff so I got to go:) When I got there I found out it was a send off for me :) I got some beautiful presents and a gift card with a card that everyone had signed. It was nice.

My friends who took me to lunch. 

It was a lazy day, we were supposed to go pick up my momma but due to a storm her trip was delayed a day so we get her tomorrow now. 
We did go to town to pick up a couple of things I needed and ended up leaving walmart with $100 spent... and never really bought much. That is the worst of all. 

I did make a spicy buffalo chicken dip and wings for dinner while we had family time. 

we had AM service, then we left to get my momma, ate a quick lunch at my aunts house and then got back on the road and made it back for PM service then we went out with friends for food. 

This week is another busy one. Tomorrow I begin my new job. 
We are in the process of buying a new home, we have the inspection tomorrow ( Monday) then on Thursday I have a dental surgery. 

In all a great weekend. 

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  1. That pulled pork looks really good...even if I don't eat meat, lol!I've made it a few times but I still need to perfect the recipe. You seem have to have SO much going on right now...my life is pretty busy tranquil at the moment ;-)


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