Sunday, April 24, 2016

Weekend Recap

Another weekend that past way to fast.
It was the last weekend with my mom so we made the most of it,  Friday evening her and I went to a Ladies Retreat, it was a great weekend and the speaker was a 90 year old lady, she did amazing so here are some pictures

My mom and I with a lady from church 

My mom and I with her... 
so inspiring and encouraging at 90 years old. 

Mom and I 

My Pastor's wife and I 

After it was done we went to a Chinese restaurant next door, it was a late night but a good night 

A early morning because we had decided to go for breakfast to Cora's.. here is what I had

a mountain of fruit waffle it was so good. 

We went back to the conference for the morning sessions,  I bought 3 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, a tank top and a plaid shirt as well as a purse... then lunch and then we had to leave to take my mom back to meet my aunt for the next week then she is back home 
We decided to take a visit to Bass Pro Shop.. it was a cool spot 

Then we said our good bye's and until July Momma. 

We had morning service, then went to lunch at Swiss Chalet, 
and I needed to get groceries but I never did go, came home and took a long nap and will get groceries tomorrow. 

Have a great week friends. Love you all 

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