Bless our Gramps and Gran- Book Review

Perhaps it is unfair for me to review The Berenstain Bears because I am such a huge fan that it’s almost impossible for me to be unbiased. Growing up they were my favorite books to read. 
The Berenstain Bears: Bless Our Gramps & Gran is part of the Living Lights series, written by Mike Berenstain. The cubs have just returned to school for the school year when they find themselves gloomy on a rainy afternoon. They are gloomy because they have homework. Papa tries to cheer them up mentioning Halloween, but that is two months away. Papa tells them there is a very important holiday just a few days away. He tells the cubs Grandparent's day is the Sunday after Labor Day.
This one talked about Grandparent's Day and I really, really like that aspect of the book. We put a lot of focus and attention on Mother's Day and Father's Day but can tend to forget the Grandparents, so I really liked that aspect of the book.

The story line itself was a little unique in my book. The Bears talked about what Gramps and Gran did for them and what they could do for Gramps and Gran for Grandparent's Day. What they decided to do was make a book about Noah's grandchildren and give it to Gramps and Gran because, I guess, Gramps and Gran had made them a Noah's ark set.

Now while I didn't go to the Bible and double check, I do think they used the Biblical names for Noah's grandsons. But then to make it even, they made up 16 granddaughters and gave them modern names. The story was nice, it just didn't ring as true for me as some of the other books have.

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