Gift Giving

Today I want to talk to you about something that I am sure probably frustrates every newlywed at gift opening time.
Gifts, presents or whatever you want to call it can be stressful for any one, when you are buying it, I struggle with it as I want to give a WOW gift each time. I am in a busy wedding season, my best friend got married back in June and my son gets married on Aug 21, I was matron of honor for my best friend’s wedding, so I wanted to give her the best gift.. I struggled with it, had no idea what to get her, I googled for hours to find something for her as she did not have a registry which is fine as they had a house together and didn’t need anything, so they got a lot of money, quilts, frames, that kind of thing

My son on the other hands went a different route and he signed up for a registry. So when I was looking for a bridal shower gift, I went to the registry and within 5 mins I had a present picked for them, I also know what I am getting for the wedding gift.
If you are a bride to be, you need to check out Zola for all your wedding needs…  They have everything for your home in one place, you can do a wedding registry in a few hours if you wanted to keep it all one place, plus lots of worthwhile hints and tips on there. 

That being said let’s talk Budgets.. you can spend however much you want
So, Really, How Much Should You Spend On a Wedding Gift?

SO my question is when you go a wedding,  how do you determine what to giv Do you stick to the registry or do you give something that has worked well for you, I know some people like to give their favorite kitchen gadget... for me, I would prefer to stick to registry as you know that is something they want or need. 


  1. We don't go to a lot of weddings... Okay, I can't remember the last wedding I was at. It's just the season of life we're in.

  2. It also depends on how much money you have, and if you don't believe in debt. You can make something meaningful and put many hours of work into it, if you know the tastes of the couple getting married.

  3. Personally, I don't spend a lot on wedding gifts because I'm super crafty and I usually make something (although I have been known to give gift cards).

  4. $50 minimum - anything less than that shows a lack of disrespect and love

  5. Great guidelines! There is so much to navigate!

  6. Good points!! I definitely tend to stick to either A. money B. registry or C. sentimental (usually and money!). We received several gifts for our wedding that were under $50 from people close to us but they were more than generous for what those precious folks could afford. We also have to be creative within our means.

  7. I stick to the registry. If nothing on it fits my budget, I'll get a gift card for the place they registered.


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