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This has been a very busy summer for weddings for me, it started it with my best friends wedding in June, I flew home to be her Maid of Honour, it was a pleasure.  

Our son gets married on Aug 21, so I have had two big events this year to plan for, I love weddings and planning them and making sure they look perfect for the bride and groom.  When looking for wedding ideas, I discovered The Black Tux, it is the perfect place for you to get the clothing for the groom.  

The colors of the year for Weddings are: 
This was the colors of my best friends wedding, the guys wore gorgeous navy suits 


The girls wore Light pink dresses, it was beautiful 

I love this green, this would look so pretty with a tan colored men's suit and the light green colored dresses 

This gold metallic is also stunning, a gorgeous gray suit and gold color dresses 

If you are looking for the perfect tux or a suit for a graduation, wedding or just a business suit, check out The Black Tux

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  1. All these colour combos are beautiful. We did a green and pink combo for our wedding and I loved it!

  2. My daughter did an interesting combo. She sent out a palette to the bridesmaids and they had to choose their own dresses within that palette. It looked gorgeous.

  3. I'm in a wedding next spring that is using the gold bridesmaid dresses with navy. A gorgeous combo!

  4. I love the navy and pink! I had navy blue, cranberry, and ivory as my wedding colors because we got married on Veteran's Day.

  5. Weddings are so beautiful. It's always fun to see what color combinations are chosen.

  6. I love those colors so much, especially that green!

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