Are You Pushing Yourself Too Much? Tell Tale Signs of Burnout

If you are constantly tired or if you feel as though you are pushing yourself so much
 every single day then this could be because you are experiencing burnout. You may find 
that you struggle to accomplish even the simplest of tasks and at times you may feel so 
exhausted that you just can’t get out of bed. If this sounds like you then you need to put an 
end to the issue, at its source.
Chronic Fatigue
One of the tell-tale signs of burnout is chronic fatigue. In the early stages you might feel as
 though you have a lack of energy and you may feel tired most of the time. In the later stages 
you may feel drained, you may dread the day ahead and at times you might even feel 
physically drained. This is not normal and it may be a sign that you are just pushing yourself 
too hard. If you want to avoid all of this then take a break, let yourself go and really trust that 
you know what is best.

When you have the earlier stages of burnout, you may have some trouble falling asleep or
 you may even find that every night is an ordeal. This can put a serious amount of stress 
on your body and you may even find that you are not able to concentrate during the day. 
This can lead to forgetfulness and before you know it, everything starts to pile up in a way 
that you just can’t control.
Increased Illness
Your body is depleted and your immune system is weakened, and this will make you 
way more vulnerable to infections. You may also find that you are more vulnerable to colds, 
the flu and even other immune-related problems. At times you may find that you are always
 suffering from some kind of ailment and this can take its toll on you physically. This is all down 
to the fact that you are pushing yourself far too hard and this is the last thing that you should be
 doing. If you find yourself turning to alcohol to push harder, click here.

If you suffer from burnout then it is more than possible for you to experience feelings of 
edginess, worry, tension and more. Your anxiety may become so serious that it stops you 
from being able to work and it may even start to control your life as well. At times you may 
struggle to really get a handle on what you are doing or you may dread having to do certain 
tasks. This is very commonly associated with burnout and if you are struggling with anxiety 
then the best thing that you can do is give yourself a break and try and come to terms with
 the things you have to do. Try and process your thoughts, take a long bath or light a few 
Things like this can really show you that you are suffering from burnout and you may 
find that eventually the symptoms that you have end up getting worse unless you
 deal with them.

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