In Memory

Last Friday there was a homicide in our capital city where I live, it made our calm and quiet city go into chaos.

2 police officers were killed ~Cst Costello and Cst Burns

2 civilians were killed.

No one really knows there reasons why
You can read the story here

my heart is really torn because these people have families, these people are sons and daughters and now they are gone over a senseless act of violence.

May they rest in Peace.
Our city is standing together and healing together, we appreciate your prayers over the next while as we heal together.  Last night we had a hands held over the city, so everyone met downtown and everyone joined hands, we have first res ponders join etc, it was the most beautiful sight.

This photo immediately brought a rush of tears. I can honestly say, I’ve never been so moved, so filled with emotion just from looking at a photo. I wish I could have been there to stand with everyone, to show my love and care.land. 

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