Easy like Sunday morning: why weekends are the secret to keeping love alive

When it comes to keeping a marriage alive, few things are as important as spending time together. For proof of that, you only need to look at couples who fail to make space for each other. Before they know, their relationships fast go downhill. Hence why so many couples make an effort to set aside date nights, or even just eat together.

But, when you break it down, is spending a few hours together each week enough to keep love alive? No one can deny that attempting to make time for each other is a fantastic sign. But, maintaining real intimacy should be about more than brief snippets of snatched time.

Hence why, if you feel your relationship floundering, you should dedicate weekends to each other as well. These two days are the only time a lot of us get to switch off. As such, they’re the best chance we have of dedicating ourselves to romance without distraction. But, how exactly can you make sure your weekends work for your relationship?

Have a lie-in

Few of us have the chance of a lie-in during the week. Instead, we snooze that alarm until we can’t anymore, then rush to work. The main benefit of the weekends, then, is the fact that you have no real reason to get out of bed. Instead, have a lie-in. Even if you like to wake up early, you could make this work. Set your alarm like normal, then take time to cuddle and chat. Getting up slowly like this is a fantastic way to build intimacy, and also start the day as you mean to go on.

Do something new

Doing something new is always fantastic for a relationship. Shared experiences like these do no end of good for keeping love alive. It may be that you take the time to visit a new town together. Or, you could sign up for a shared experience. Going for a spa day could work well if you both love a pampering session. You could even sign up for a winery tour and take a bottle home with you to accompany a romantic meal. Even something as simple as driving to the country and walking a new route could be enough to keep things fresh and strengthen your bond.

Share a lazy day

Of course, going out every weekend is sure to leave you sizzled. This is, after all, time for relaxing. But, just because you stay home on a Saturday, doesn’t mean you can’t still spend time together. Why not stay in your dressing gowns and snuggle on the sofa for a film day? That way, you can relax and get that quality bonding time. You might even choose to spend a day in the kitchen and cook a meal together. It doesn’t matter, as long as you feel closer at the end of it. Whatever you do, try not to separate off into different corners of the house. Remember that this is about spending time together!


  1. Awesome tips for nurturing that spark. I'm a loner by nature so too much togetherness would put one of us in danger ;-).

  2. These are such great ideas! So important to take that time to connect!

  3. I totally agree! My husband and I make an effort to spend time together whenever we can in our hectic schedule. We're actually about to go away together for the next few days to celebrate our anniversary while our kids stay with their grandparents :-)


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