Budget Friendly Ideas For Valentines Gift For Your Partner

Buying a gift for the man in your life can be difficult. They either don’t tell us what they want or just awkward to buy for. It seems that they only want expensive gifts so it can get quite costly. But rest assured here is a few budget-friendly gift ideas for the man in your life. This Valentine’s Day, here are some of the ways to give a great gift without breaking the bank. 

His favourite tipple

I don’t think you can go wrong with giving your man his favourite drink. Whether that is a decent bottle of whisky, or his favourite lager, it will be sure to go down a treat. You could team the drinks with a night if his favourite sports or TV programmes. Or why not invite some of his guy friends round to enjoy the drinks with him. He will appreciate the gesture and the night off. 

Grooming products

You might want to get him new grooming products. This could include some new skincare products to encourage your man to moisturize more. Or perhaps something for his hair like pomade to aid with his styling in a morning. You might even want to consider creating a hamper full of his favourite products. 

Book a babysitter

This could be something that you could enjoy. If you have a family then offering the gift of a babysitter for an evening could be the best present you ever receive. You may have different priorities when looking for a babysitter but the opportunity of a night together could be enough to help you look into it further.  A night off and a chance to rekindle some romance might be just what the man in your life would like. 

Something foodie

The saying says that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. If this is the case for the guy in your life, then a food-related present could be just the ticket to put a smile on his face. Maybe book in at a restaurant he'd been wanting to try to have the ultimate night in. Or if he has a sweet tooth then buy some of their favourite chocolate or sweets. 

Video Games and DVD’S

Maybe your husband or partner is a little more into his gadgets. Perhaps he likes playing on a particular games console or watching a genre of film. Then treat him to a new game or DVD. Depending on your budget you could even stretch to some games console accessories like a new controller or headset. He will appreciate the effort and thought. 

Something handmade

You could frame a photo for your partner's desk area or maybe make him his favourite meal. It doesn’t have to cost much to make someone feel loved. A gift homemade shows thought and effort. There are plenty of ideas on websites like Pinterest to inspire you. 


Finally, the last suggestion would be to purchase his favourite aftershave. Most men like to smell good. It’s not often that they would buy something like this themselves so it’s worth finding out his favourite one and getting that for them. 

Let’s hope these gift ideas give you a little inspiration to get your partner the perfect gift. 

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