Make Your Gardening Life Easier'

Keeping your outside space looking great is essential if you want to make the most of your property. However, it isn’t always a simple task. If you want to cultivate a great looking garden with minimal hassle, take a look at these top tips to make your gardening life easier…
1. Group certain plants together
When people plan their gardens, they often choose locations for their plants based on color or size. However, this approach can make it more difficult to maintain the area and the plants. Instead of situating plants based on colors and sizes, group plants based on their needs. When you’re maintaining your garden, this will reduce the amount of time it takes to water, deadhead, prune and nourish your plant life. 
2. Use the right fertilizer
It’s difficult for plants, shrubs, and grass to get all the nutrients they need, no matter what climate you live in. Fertilizer and plant food can be a great way to keep them in good shape, providing you use the right products. Many gardeners prefer organic options, as this helps to minimize the number of chemicals in your yard. Whatever products you choose, be sure they’re well-suited for your plants, trees or shrubs. 
3. Switch to liquid aeration
If you want to keep your lawn looking lush, aeration is key. This enables nutrients to penetrate hard soil and removes thatch which prevents water from reaching the roots. However, you needn’t spend your time walking up and down with a core aerator. A liquid lawn aerator will enable you to do the job in a fraction of the time. What’s more – when you use a liquid aerator, you won’t have bits of thatch and mud clogging up your lawn for weeks to come.  
4. Incorporate hard landscaping
If you have a large garden, keeping it well maintained may seem like a full-time job. If you don’t have the time or the budget to keep it looking pristine, why not incorporate some hard landscaping? Stone patios, decorative rocks, and manmade paths can enhance your garden design and offer low-maintenance features that need minimal care.  
5. Used raised pots and beds
Instead of planting flowers and shrubs directly into the ground, opt for raised flowerbeds, containers and pots. By having a defined boundary, you can prevent overgrowth more easily. Furthermore, when your plants are in raised containers, you have more control over the amount of water and nourishment they receive. This makes it easier to keep them healthy and reduces the amount of work needed to keep your garden looking great. 
Cultivating a Low-Maintenance Garden
If you’re unsure how to achieve a low-maintenance garden, don’t hesitate to seek professional advice. An experienced gardener or landscaper will be able to help you create a garden of your dreams that’s easy to maintain. As an integral part of your property, your outdoor space should be somewhere that you can enjoy. With the right design, your garden can become an outdoor oasis that complements your home. 

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