Don't Neglect These Parts Of Your Home When Spring Cleaning!

How clean would you say your home is? Because homes can be very messy places, and they can have all kinds of dirt and grime caked into the walls from the years gone by. After all, cleaning properly is a real talent, and remembering all the different areas of your house that’ll need a quick wipe down can be difficult from time to time. You have so much to do already, and cleaning can get boring very quickly! 

But it’s about that time for spring cleaning to roll back around, seeing as the temperature is getting a little bit warmer, and we’re slowly moving out of the early months of the year. And if you’ve not yet made your spring cleaning checklist, it’s time to put one together with the points we’ve listed below. After all, some parts of the home are dirtier than others, and you’re going to have to keep them in mind when you’re rushing around trying to dust from top from bottom! 

Surfaces in the Kitchen

The kitchen can be a pretty messy part of the home, don’t you think? It’s where all kinds of foods get prepared on a daily basis, and these foods can leave behind all kinds of germs and bacteria on the surfaces when they’re put in the oven. Raw meats, bags of unwashed vegetables, even just out of date cans of non-perishables can be dangerous for the surrounding environment, especially when the area is not cleaned up properly. 

Of course, you’re always going to be living with some kind of germ in your household. After all, we can’t be sure we’ve cleaned everything up when we’re done with the room, and we can never be sure if our cleaning implements are good enough for the job themselves! Which is why it might be best to invest in cleaning or disinfectant wipes, rather than using a dish cloth or a scrubber to wipe down the surfaces day by day. And whilst you’re at it, make sure you throw your dish cloths, hand towels, and any other fabric equipment in the washing machine at least once a week. Don’t start off with a dirty cleaning cloth! 

Deep Clean the Living Room Carpet

Your living room is a pretty traffic heavy part of the house. People are going to be traipsing in and out of it every single day, with all kinds of muck and grime caked over their shoes and socks. When you look down at your carpet, what do you see? Darker patches leading directly to and from the doorway? Lighter patches around and underneath the furniture? What does this tell you? Well, it means there’s a lot of dirt building up here, and your living room would look, feel, and maybe even smell a lot better if you managed to clean up these darkened pathways. 

But what are you to do? It takes a lot to deep clean a carpet; you have to buy a special piece of machinery, or you have to mix together the right cleaning supplies and then quarantine the area for hours on end, and that’s hard to do when you’ve got kids at home with you! Of course, it might work out a lot cheaper on you and your household budget if you did mix up materials and took the family out for a day - you can find a pretty good collection of recipes for doing just that right here. 

But if you don’t want to go through all of this trouble yourself, you could very well depend on a company like Chem-Dry of Charleston to get the grime lifted for you. A professional cleaning company on your side definitely means the job will get done properly! 

Wipe Down All Of Your Door Handles

The door handles in your household could be covered with all kinds of germs. They’re the one part of the home we tend to forget about most when whipping around with a cloth in hand. After all, we all reach for the handle when opening and shutting doors behind us in every single room, and most notably, when using the bathroom. 

Sure, you may wash your hands afterwards, but if your sink is in a different room, or you’ve had guests over, can you be sure they did not touch the handle with dirty, unwashed hands? Because if not, it’s time to give your handles a good wipe down with a bit of soap and/or disinfectant, and try to do so on a weekly basis. A lot of grime can build up here without you even realising it! 

Disinfect the Inside of Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine might have a lot of germs and bacteria within it, simply because it’s used to wash dirty clothes day in and day out, without a thought on how wet laundry can affect the drum of the machine itself. Don’t worry, it’s not too late to do something about this! 

Of course, barely anyone realises that wet laundry can be a real breeding ground for bacteria, considering the cold and damp nature of the pile that’s just sitting inside the machine. If you let your laundry sit for too long, it’s going to be just as dirty as it was before you put it on for a cycle, and you’re much better off washing it again and then immediately removing it. 

So, make sure you get some disinfectant spray or a tablet, spray or pop it into the machine, then let it spin on its own for a short cycle. Let this dry off afterwards, and then get back to doing your laundry. 

How’s Your Spring Cleaning Coming Along?

Your home is going to need regular cleaning, and there’s no way around that! Make sure you don’t neglect the potentially most dirty and forgotten about areas as you go around with your furniture polish and your dish cloth. All in all, make sure your spring cleaning this year truly counts! 

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