Best Modifications & Upgrades that will Instantly Improve Your Driving Experience

There are many ways you can mod your car to suit your driving preferences, some of which will enhance
the experience by providing you with better-quality surround sound in the car, and others by providing
you with a smoother ride overall. Both types of upgrades are important if you are to improve the driving
experience across the board, however, some are more budget-friendly than others so you have to plan
for each one as a long-term investment, and budget carefully.
Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap upgrades that you can try, but those are not exactly on our list
today. No, today we’ll be tackling the best modifications that you can get for your car that will truly
make a difference, and make you feel like you’re driving a brand-new vehicle. The upgrades we’ll be
mentioning today won’t cost you an arm and a leg, don’t worry, but they will provide an amazing value
for your money in the long term. Here are the car investments that will instantly improve your driving

It all starts with the tires

If you’re buying a new (or used car), don’t worry, the dealer won’t let you drive off with a set of worn-out tires, so you’re good to go for the time being. However, understand that tires can significantly impact your driving experience, to the point that all of your horsepower, your engine and your transmission, and all other components won’t matter if your atv tires don’t provide the right traction and contact with the ground. It’s just physics, and mind you, physics can be extremely dangerous if you don’t maintain your tires.
With that in mind, you really should spring for the best tires on the market, preferably the models that  fit your vehicle type, the season, and the type of roads you drive on most of the time. This will make all the difference, and don’t forget that the difference in quality between your regular tires and those slightly more expensive models can be astronomical, so be sure to try them out. Opt for the models with season ratings, and check with your mechanic which brand and type are best for you.

Better springs and sway bars

Many will try to persuade you that a new speaker system is what you need to enhance your driving
experience, or perhaps a new steering wheel cover, but those are cookie-cutter solutions that don’t
really have anything to do with how your car reacts to your commands, or how it glides down the road.
No, if you want to truly improve your driving experience, you need to think like your mechanic. One
thing that your mechanic might do is to upgrade your suspension and your sway bars.
It might be pricey, yes, but you will immediately notice the difference in the quality and overall safety of
your ride, not to mention that this will make your car age better over the long term, which is a great way
to keep your car in top condition. Be sure to get better springs and coilovers, and then check with your
mechanic if you would benefit from upgrading to thicker sway bars. Also known as anti-roll bars, these
can be upgraded in an affordable way, and can substantially improve the quality of your ride by allowing
you to transfer the cornering load evenly. Along with sway bars, make sure to get thicker drop links that
can withstand the added pressure.

Install a quality camera system

Install a quality camera system

Many people still use the rearview mirrors to park, or worse, they still grab the shotgun seat with one hand, the steering wheel with the other, and then they turn their head and half of their body back to navigate the vehicle by looking out the rear windshield. The question is, why? In this technological day and age, why do you still not have a camera system installed in your vehicle to make driving, turning and parking a breeze?

This is especially important if you’re driving an RV, particularly now that you can find a digital RV camera system that you can easily install into your vehicle to eliminate all blind spots and enhance driving safety. This is also a great modification for when you’re stationary and just want to keep a watchful eye on your vehicle. No matter if you’re driving an RV, an SUV, or a family sedan, a camera system is a fine investment in this tech-driven age.

Upgrade the shifter kit

While the manual shifter is slowly being phased out of existence across the globe, there are still many
drivers that drive a stick shift either because they prefer it that way or because they have inherited a car
with a stick. Whatever the case may be, your goal should be to make the ride as smooth and stress-free
as possible. While manual transmission has its uses in numerous vehicle types and industries, keep in
mind that an automatic or an automated manual transmission are generally more rewarding to the
everyday driver.
If you’re still using manual transmission, then you’ll want to shift (pun intended) to a short shifter. A
short shifter is exactly what it sounds like, it reduces the time and the effort it takes for you to change
gears, resulting in a smooth gear change that is fast, responsive, and very satisfying. The short shifter is
widely used in race cars, but even if you’re not a professional drifter that doesn’t mean that you don’t
stand to benefit from crisper and more responsive gear changes.

Mind the exhaust

Finally, consider upgrading your exhaust. Many car owners, and especially sports car or muscle car
owners will beef up their exhausts in order to get that loud growling sound that only they like and the
neighbors despise, but that shouldn’t be the purpose of this upgrade.
Instead, you should modify the exhaust in order to help the engine exhale more efficiently while
bringing the emissions down. This will help the engine exhale more freely and rid itself of the gas it
creates through fuel combustion, which will marginally improve the performance of your vehicle.
However, a better exhaust system will also reduce the weight of the vehicle, it will last longer, and it will
produce that wonderful purring sound (or even make your car more silent) that will produce a smoother

Final thoughts
If you’re looking for ways to make your ride more enjoyable and rewarding, then you need to go beyond
the simple aesthetic upgrades and really delve deep into the inner workings of your vehicle. Check with
your mechanic about these upgrades, install digital cameras and systems, and you will fall back in love
with your car.


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