What do you miss the most?

Day 37 of our never ending Covid 19 Quarantine. 

I asked this question on my facebook today: 

What have you found to be the hardest thing about quarantine. I'll go first?

I am super social...I love having people over for dinner's etc, I miss people being able to come over.

Tell me what about you?

I got a lot of responses which I am sharing some  

  • Brooke: SCHOOL ( My daughter)

    Ashley: Not being able to visit family. :(

  • Lynn: My family

    Thomasina: Going out for a nice family meal at a restaurant. 
  • Going to the grocery store to burn a hour

  • Janet: Family time on weekends. Mornings are the worst for me. I get anxious. But as the day goes on I calm down more. I enjoy interacting with people or just going out; maybe to the mall and be amongst people I Don’t even know.

    Having family in for meals

  • Chris: I miss my art therapy the most but not being able to have in person counselling and dr.'s appts. has got on my nerves

    Matt: Two things. First, Aikido. It's quite impossible to practice Aikido normally while practicing physical distancing. Second, grocery shopping. While I tend to be a list-shopping kind of guy, I also cast my eyes around for inspiration, or for a good sale that I missed in the flyer.

    Barb: Hugging my family ☹️

  • Ashley: not seeing my family.

    Angie I miss my therapy groups.. especially Art.. and socialization

  • Ang: My small social life is at an alt too! It’s not fair or easy but we will get thru ;)

    Heather: I miss hugs and meeting in person at my church with my life groups. While it is kind of still happening via zoom, it isn't the same. I also miss my kids being in a physical school and having phsycial activity every day and seeing their friends. It's a big change to staying inside all the time.

  • Joann: 
    I'm still working full time so see the people at work everyday. I'd have to say getting a haircut

    Megan: I miss my music students :( the kids hugs and chatting with them about school and their day.

  • Nicole: Seeing my niece and nephew and I've never gone this long without seeing my nan and pop in my whole life they live around the corner and hate missing this time with them. My baby nephew may be walking before auntie sees him again it breaks my heart

    Verna: Miss church
    Not being able to hug my family after all the stuff we've gone through💔
  • Roberta:  I am an affectionate social butterfly. I miss hugging and spending time with my newly pregnant daughter, family, friends and clients. I miss working but I am grateful they are all safe and look forward to it all again some day.❤️

    Kaity: hardest thing is feeling like a failure and not having any solid evidence to proof those inner voices wrong.

    Bertha: Everything, that we was free to do without worrying

    Cassandra: Going to the thrift stores! Other than that I’m pretty content

  • Lori I really miss my piano students coming to my house. I miss their chatter, stories, laughter and seeing them improving on their songs and skills from week to week. I miss their enthusiasm as they earn prizes from the treasure box or over a new song I choose for them. I mostly just miss getting to be with them in person every week! They are all special, regardless of how young or old they are.

  • Gemma: Miss Church

    Lynn: Calling my dad every day knowing that I could not even see him in person until further notice

    Daniel: I haven't got to visit my parents since Christmas:(

as you can see most people miss life as it was, we all miss our families, having friends over, cooking for friends. 

This season of life is hard, My heart goes out to the kids who are missing the graduation this year, those pretty dresses already purchased and may never be able to wear, my heart breaks for the families who have lost loved ones during this pandemic, our province is actually recovering very well and I am so thankful. 

What about you, what are you missing during this time? 

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  1. Mostly my boyfriend :( it's been over a month since we physically saw each other and that sucks. I miss my family and even just being able to go drive to the shops without worrying. I loved exploring old houses/castles/new places on the weekend and I can't do that anymore. Oh well, it's all worth it, and will be even more sweeter when everything is all safe again!


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