Tips to Stay Sane in Your Spring Shelter-In-Place

While Spring is usually known for its beautiful warmer weather that's perfect for socializing, there's no doubt that the pandemic causing a shelter-in-place has put a damper on most people’s general moods. Many people usually use this turn of the weather to take trips, and explore new things, but now we must find happiness within the confines of our current allocated spaces. 

But there's no reason that you can't still have a blast this springtime from home with your pets and family or even by yourself. Here are a few tips to stay sane during this unusual spring.

Bring the Outside Inside

Nothing brightens your mood quite like getting some fresh air and natural light. We recommend making the most of springtime by taking advantage of your enclosed spaces, or opening all your doors and windows to allow the warm air and luscious breeze to join you at home. 

What's better than going about your usual daily routine alongside nature? By keeping your home open to the warm weather, you're able to get your outdoor time without potentially exposing yourself or your family to anything unsavory.

Give this a try if you haven't already, and see the difference that it can instantly make on your inevitable cabin fever.

Try Your Hand at Gardening

Have you always had the desire to start an adorable blooming garden of your own? Few times would be better to try than now. 

Spring is the peak season for most blooming plants, plus you can be outside and staying busy while still not putting yourself in any danger. Flower boxes can be built in a day and only require a few key resources (wood, mulch, and maybe some material to line your box). 

Have less of a green thumb? Try starting with something small like a single plant or a windowsill box. There's no project too small, and there are many options for relatively hardy plants that are great for beginners.

Spring Cleaning

If you haven't started already, deep cleaning and organization are a great way to keep yourself busy and productive for entire days. Pick an area of the house to tackle every day, or set aside one day to deep clean your entire place. Organize your closet and get rid of things that you don't need or use anymore. Try rearranging your bedroom or living room! Doing this can give the room an entirely new look, cutting down on your in-home boredom even more.


It goes without saying that everybody is a little stressed and confused right now. Meditation is beneficial for anybody and at any time but is especially useful in times when your brain and thoughts are a bit jumbled. Find the meditation method that works for you, and schedule a set time every day to just clear your thoughts and ground yourself. You'd be surprised the difference it can make; think of it as spring cleaning, but for your mind.

If you think meditation is too bold for you, many health experts recommend breathing relaxation techniques that yield similar results. 

Make a Schedule

We are undoubtedly creatures of habit and the cancelation of work and school kind of takes away everyone's routine. Without morning alarms or obligations, we can really run the risk of sleeping the day away and damaging our mental health.

 Keep yourself from going entirely crazy by sitting down and writing out a general daily schedule for yourself; when to wake up, feed the pets, and feed yourself, etc.

Reach Out

Regardless of how you choose to cope, it's important to remember that this is only temporary, and everyone is going through this together. Reach out to your friends if you're struggling with boredom or feeling claustrophobic. 

We may be stuck at home, but we live in the age of FaceTime; give your friends a call.

Bio: Dominic LoBianco is a guest contributor on behalf of AmeriWindow Company. Dominic covers a broad range of topics and subjects. 

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