Anxiety and Depression - What You Need To Know'

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Most people will experience anxiety and depression in their lifetime. They can occur when certain situations happen, but in some cases, have a severe low mood that tends to persist can be a hard time. Using this guide can help to see that there is light at the end of everyone's tunnel. 

What are anxiety and depression? 

Anxiety is a form of fear or worry that can happen to anyone from time to time. It can sometimes occur when there is a big or important event coming up. It becomes chronic anxiety when those feelings interfere in everyday life.

Although it is normal to feel down, depression is when you feel down, sad, or upset for several days or weeks on end. 

What causes anxiety and depression? 

There are many reasons why you can get anxiety or depression, but one of the main reasons for teenage and young adults during the recent year is social media. It can be a world for comparing yourself to others, but we forget that people mainly share the moments they want to share, which makes us believe that their lives are 'perfect' when there are ups and downs in everyone's life. 

A build-up to a stressful situation, stress or poor nutrition can trigger them too.

What can you do to help anxiety and depression? 

Visit a family practice. 

Visiting Sturges Family Practice can help to diagnose and support yours through anxiety and depression. 

The difference between regular practice and family practice is that during these worrying times, it's nice to have someone who listens and is willing to help you overcome them rather than to diagnose you and send you elsewhere. 

They use Ketamine infusion therapy, administered in a clinical setting to help mental health. 

Keep busy at-home with remedies and activities.

People who have experienced anxiety or depression find different ways to keep their minds occupied, like coloring in, meditation or yoga. If you feel like you have a lot to do and it's becoming very overwhelming, making a reverse to-do list to see your results and how much you have achieved. You can do this by completing things you need to do and then writing it on a list, including the little things like 'have a shower' and 'eat lunch.' You will see how much you've accomplished throughout the day - It's a great feeling!

Setting up a diffuser with oils to help with calming will also help the mood of the room. Using oils like lavender and bergamot will help with anxiety and stress. 


Ensuring you continue to look after your self by taking an hour of the day for you. This could be time to give yourself a facemask, go for a walk, having a bath with bubbles, or read a book to have some 'me time.'

You are not alone; taking this journey is all about finding a system that works for you, whether that's taking some time back to focus on yourself or visiting a family practice to seek medical advice.

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