How To Choose Flooring When Renovating Your Home'

 If you are considering renovating your home, there are a lot of factors to take on. You might feel overwhelmed with choice, even once you have chosen a contractor and finalized your architectural designs. Once the structural side of the renovation is complete, there are so many design choices to make it can make anybody’s head spin!

One aspect of design which is integral to your home’s decor is the flooring. Flooring offsets the entire decor of the rest of the house, and is often the first thing a guest will notice when they walk in. In this blog, you’ll find different residential flooring options for your dream contemporary home, with some pros and cons of each. Let’s get to it!

  1. Carpeting

If you live in a cold climate, carpeting is a very viable option. The pros of carpeting is that it is very cosy, and will give your home extra warmth during the chilly months. In addition, carpeting has more choices in terms of color, patterns and texture. If you have a more “out there” style, carpeting could be the option for you to truly express your unique personality. 

There are a few downsides to carpet, however. If you have pets or children, carpeting can be a hazard for spillages and stains which are pesky to remove. On top of this, carpets can cling to bacteria and dust, and need daily vacuuming to stay clean. 

  1. Wood Flooring

A classic choice, you can’t really go wrong with a chic wood floor. Whether you opt for dark wood like mahogany or lighter wood like pine, wooden floors give your home a fresh, clean, sharp look which is bound to impress your guests. Plus, wooden floors are simple to clean, and with the right protective varnish, are less likely to appear discolored or stained over time. If you are interested in an even more luxury choice of wooden floor, you can install underfloor heating to have chic wood floors with added warmth for cold weather. 

The cons, however, are that wood flooring doesn’t provide much heat in the winter and can be somewhat dangerous for small children who tend to stumble and fall. 

  1. Stone Flooring

Flagstone floors can be pricey, but they are practically impossible to damage. This means that although you’ll pay a little more now, your floor will last for years and years, even generations, to come. With the added option of underfloor heating, flagstone floors are luxury, beautiful, classic and hardy. 

The downside of stone flooring is that it is unforgiving when it comes to slips and trips, and can be gloomy and cold in bad weather. Unlike a snuggly carpet, a stone floor won’t exactly keep you warm, unless of course you install heating under the stone. 

Cement tile flooring is also one of the best options for hardwearing and long-lasting flooring options. They’re straightforward to care for and don’t need as much regular maintenance as other flooring types. 

Although, one of the areas where they will need some maintenance is with the sealant. The installation process is also one of the quickest and easiest. 

They’re easy to clean, and can help retain heat within the home. 


All the options for your home decor can be mind-boggling, but with this helpful list, you can more easily make an informed decision on your flooring. Snuggle up on a lovely carpet or opt for stylish elegance with a dark wood floor - either way, your home will look awesome and suit your family too. 

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