Just Thankful

 This being Thanksgiving in Canada always make me sit back and think about all I have, I am majorly blessed.  

We have so many amenities that I we do not even realize we have and use until they are taken away.. for example last weekend we lost our TV and internet, I know, I know not a life line but we need to be thankful for those things because it is a connection to the world and for some the connection to their family. 

We have food and shelter from the cold temperatures and weather that is about to hit ( tornadoes, snow, heavy rain etc). I work downtown so I see homeless people all the time sleeping on the steps of various buildings and I wish I could take them all home and give them a hot meal and a warm bed. 

I drive a nice car while others have to wait for public transit, I just get in my car and drive. 

Freedom... Even with Covid 19 we are still able to do things and live free.  Mask are not the end of the world... I do not like them either but to protect others I will. 

We have great jobs, beautiful families.  We have fun entertainment and warm beds, electricity, water, running toilets, hot baths. 

What are you thankful for?

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