Transforming Your Home Into A Winter Wonderland'



Creating the perfect home is something we all want to do for ourselves and our family, and after all that 2020 has thrown our way it is nice to be able to make our homes look and feel festive. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the simple ways you can change your home and transform it into a winter wonderland.

Hang garlands 

One of the easiest ways to add some festive spirit to the home is to hang a leafy Garland. There are many different types of garlands you can buy, but the ones we think work best have leaves, pine cones, and the occasional berry. When you are ready to hang a Garland on your fireplace or your stairs, consider adding some battery powered lights to the mix and really make this feature magical. 


Decorate pumpkins 

Pumpkins are a vegetable that immediately make everyone think about fall, cosy nights, pumpkin spiced lattes and Christmas. During these few months before December it is the perfect time for you to buy some pumpkins for the home and decorate them. You can buy plaster pumpkins, concrete pumpkins and polystyrene pumpkins and paint them yourself to fit the aesthetic you are looking for in your home. 

Hide cables 

One of the ugliest parts of any modern home is thick black cables from our electrical items. If you want to avoid ever having the need of a personal injury attorney make sure to organise and hide your cables away. Even just moving cables behind your cupboard will make a massive difference to your whole room. But if there are still some cables showing that cannot be moved, why not add some festive tinsel or beads? 

Lick of paint 

Chances are you are getting a little bit sick of your house after being stuck inside for six months. And now is the perfect time to make a change and try something new with your home. The easiest as well as the most impactful change you can make to your home this winter is to change the colour of the wall to something warm and welcoming. A festive red, deep plum, or forest green can be great choices here, and will make your whole home feel more cosy and ready for the winter season. 

Bring the outside in 

Plants aren’t only for the summer! There are many beautiful plants you can bring into the home during winter that will help you celebrate the festive season. Poinsettia is definitely the first choice here as the bright red ruby leaves bring life and vibrancy to your home. Grab a few of these beautiful plants and even use one as the centrepiece for your Christmas table. 

Accessorise with cushions 

In fall and winter one of the best things we can do is start layering up in our wardrobe… and we can layer up the furniture too! To really make the home feel cosy and ready for winter, you can buy some blankets and cushions to place on your chairs, sofa, and your beds. There are plenty of festive cushions and blankets in stores right now that you can bring home and use to set the mood at home. 

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