I Like Me

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”
Maria Robinson

Do you look in the mirror in the morning and dread what you see looking back at you, do you scowl when you think about how you look... 
thats how life has been for me, for most of my life- I have struggled with it in high school and was bullied a lot, i also struggled with acne and to this day I still do,  i was called some really nasty names because of my acne- even as an adult it really bothers me that is still so bad, it is one of the major problems for me- I want a new face{ that is how I feel 99% of the time}

I always use to wonder how could my husband like me, how could he want to marry me, how can he tell me i'm beautiful when really I don't feel that way. 
I have gained about 50 lbs in the last 4 years, this is a major problem for me, 80% of it is from medication possibly, but the other 20% is because I like food, i like snacking, ice cream and chocolate, not so much chips but major weakness is ice cream... 
I am losing it right now ( i am down 9 lbs) and I am so proud of it, it isn't something that comes easily for me, I am just glad I have people that can help me get ME back. 

Not liking myself also causes anxiety and depression- because you  I always think of the bad things in life instead of the good things, my blessings. 
yes it is easy to think of the bad things, the things that stress you out but I have made it a point to think of the good things in life and it will make a difference, now if I could get this acne cleaned up, I want a clear, clean face for the next half of my life, any suggestions I am open to them. 


  1. So honest here Terri! I have known women who struggle with this and they are constantly trying to find the right makeup combination. What a hard way to live! And to love yourself. I do know God sees you as beautiful 100% of the time. I don't have any answers but may I pray that the right people come into your path that can help?

  2. Acne can be so bothersome, especially adult acne. Congrats on losing the 9 pounds. I'm glad you are focusing on the positive. I'm not an expert on skin care but have read that certain foods like almonds, salmon, cucumbers help with your complexion.

  3. Teri, you're a beautifully kind person. I know this because of how wonderful you've been in our Facebook group and how you convey yourself through your blog. Extra weight and bad skin issues are so totally disheartening. Have you ever tried Acutane? It's a harsh medication but works well. Hopefully you are able to get your skin back to normal. Wishing you the best and congrats on the 9 lbs!!!!!! I've never lost weight quickly! 9lbs is something to celebrate!

  4. This is such an honest post! Congratulations on the 9 pounds lost-that is so awesome! I've heard that drinking a lot of water helps with skin. And I know it helps with weight loss. Whenever I try to lose weight, my biggest success comes when I drink three liters a day. Good luck! Stay positive! I love the photos at the top, your family is beautiful!!

  5. First congratulations on losing 9 lbs. It's not easy to do and that it a big deal! I was teased and bullied all through school. It's a hard thing to shake even as an adult. I still hear their voices in my head even though I know the things they say aren't true. I try to replaces those voices with the voices of the people who love me now.


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