Weekend Recap

Another Weekend here and go, before we know it, it will be ( dare I say it...) Christmas. I'm excited yet nervous for our first Christmas, just the three of us.. I hope to make some new traditions and have a great time as a family.

Friday: This was a bitter sweet day, Brooke is all done at day care, after 8 years she is finally able to come home after school with me, it is a new adventure for her and we are excited to begin, she has had nothing but the best teachers both here and back home, we are so blessed.

Worked til 7 pm, I asked hubby to bring me dinner home, he didn't do it and we ran out to get dinner after work.. our presents from my in laws had arrived thru Sears so we needed to go pick it up.  I have no idea what is in the pkgs, one looks like a guitar box but it is the one for me, and I haven't asked for a guitar, so I have no idea what it is..

I ate dinner at Thai Express- but there is nothing express about it , they have 2 people working there and it is the busiest place in the mall. I also needed to return a shirt that I decided I didn't like after I got it home. My dinner was Pad sew with Chinese broccoli, so good.

After that we came home and watched hockey, great job to the Bruins who were down by 3 and came back and won in the last period.

Saturday: Early morning to go shopping in the US for the day, we are only an hour from the Border so the shopping is so much better there. We had such a great time, I bought hubby a ton of things, can't give any details on here as he reads this. I had such a great time and really I thought about taking some pictures but it slipped my mind so fast, we laughed a lot, ate some good food and got in some retail therapy= a great day.
When I got back home hubby took me to pizza delight for dinner, it was a nice family date.

Sunday: It was our christmas banquet day at 6 pm, I helped decorate and set up, it was so beautiful! The caterers are amazing, we have used them for 3 years now and it will continue Im sure, they do a full turkey dinner, the dessert is amazing. Here are some pictures of the evening:
Some of the guests

We get a band in each year, this year was great as well 

One of my favourite friends- her and I laugh a lot and we have so much fun together. 

I love this couple, they are like grandparents to me, they have spent time with Brooke for her quizzing as well, we make special memories with them 

We can take nice pictures too 

This lady makes me smile, so happy to be her mom 

My girl and I 

Brooke and her "brother" Moses 

I love this girl too, such a beautiful person inside and out. 

It was the first of many christmas parties and I am in the christmas spirit. 

Enjoy your week! 


  1. Your Christmas banquet is early, but soooo fun! The picture of you and your friend laughing is priceless. Love these memories! Thanks for sharing!

  2. You always sound like you have the most fun weekends! Makes my "watched TV, at lunch" highlights look pretty dull, lol!

  3. Your weekend sounded amazing with lots of fun and memories. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I love the pictures that you share of the events at your church. It looks like a very welcoming and happy place.

  5. Your daughter looks just like you! Love the festive pics...puts me in the mood for Christmas!

  6. What a fun weekend! Really love your family weekend recaps. Have a great week.


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