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Every woman needs to read this book and study it, be that wife after God.
This is an excellent resource for Christian wives. It's very well-written - offering encouragement to wives to be the best wife they can be. Off course she isn't telling us how to be perfect but she shows us his God wants us to be. 
Before this book I found I was not at peace, I was always picking things that he was doing wrong, I noticed how more at peace I am, How my relationship with my husband and God has changed for the better and how much closer I am to the both of them. It's such and amazing read. I encourage all wives to read Wife After God
I would recommend this book. It is not for you if you are looking for in deep theology, but it is great if you want general encouragement about being a Godly wife. I really love the author's blog and think she is doing a great ministry!


  1. @Louise Douglas go to this site and you should be able to get it http://unveiledwife.com/wife-after-god/


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