Weekend Recap

Another week has passed quickly 

Friday ~ It was a house reorganizing day, hubby and Brooke both took the day off and we had to set up my office etc, my computer and equipment arrived just after lunch and we set it up, my desk is set up and we are ready to begin on Monday.  I made a banana bread and some muffins as well. 
Around 4, we went to run a couple errands got pizza and wings and went to our friends house so the kids could go trick or treating.. here are some trick or treating pictures..
Our friends 

I am a horrible mother, I never took a picture in her witch costume, just the wig... Bad me. 
They got lots of candy and were happy. 

Saturday ~  Day to relax with no big plans that had to be done, we need those days more and more. 
I cleaned the bathrooms and did laundry, change the sheets on the bed. 
I wanted to go to town to go to Michaels- it's like Hobby lobby but not good prices like HL. 
I wanted to find some wool for a scarf project I wanted to do, here it is.. 
I also got the wool for a brown and white polka dot one. 
Made nachos for dinner, Moses came over then it started to snow, they are calling for about 1 foot right now, I don't think it will last long as it isn't cold enough yet. 
Watched hockey - Bruins win again!! 

Sunday ~ 
We woke up to the first winter storm of the season- it is the 2nd day of November and we are in a winter storm watch...go home Mother Nature you are gone crazy, maybe it's to much sugar from the Halloween candy... 

the bottom two pictures on the collage is our back patio- see my patio furniture pillows are still out, this was not expected at all.. 

We went to church this morning, went out for lunch with  my friend Rachel and then came home and got in Pj's, coming to you from a warm house, pi's and hot chocolate. 
Tomorrow the next job begins so I am going to take it easy tonight and relax, hubby is making chilli and has some friends coming over. 



  1. Yikes, I'm not ready for snow either! Sounds like you had a nice weekend.

  2. Your Sunday sounds perfect! We had snow flurries but lucky us, it didn't stick.

  3. You always have such lovely weekend! I love the wig ;) Haha! Whereabouts are you guys?! We're in Grande Prairie, AB, and it's supposed to snow this weekend. We've had a few snow-free days!

  4. So not ready for snow yet, but I know if we don't get moisture soon we will be getting fires soon. What a fun weekend and I love the hot pink wig!

  5. We missed all the snow that MI got so far, it did snow here, but when it did I was in VA. We're supposed to be getting snow this weekend though, I'm ready for it. I love a fresh snowfall.


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