Confessional Friday

Linking up with Leslie for another Confessional Friday 

Another week has passed rather quickly. 
I am hoping next week is better for me, work wise. 
I confess to you 

1) Computer Issues have gotten the best of me ( work computer)... we all need mac books, then programs won't crash like this one does. 

2) I am hoping we get the snow storm we are supposed to get, 20-30 cms- 11 inches... I just hope Brooke is home safe and hubby can stay home too. 

3) I have been having some weird cravings- Chinese food, subway, cheesecake ( No I'm not pregnant)... 

4) we are trying to decided where to go for vacation, but this year might be a stay cation- there are places here I wanna see, we are also buying a new house so we need to 

5) New blog design is being created- so cannot wait to show you all

6) This past summer for the first time, I got to hang out with a blogger friend, we had such a great time.. if you want a new blog to follow and a new friend, check out : http://www.dreamsandcolour.com


  1. oh I like color #7 excited to see your new look!! Taking a "staycation" can be a lot of fun!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot going on! Haha can't say I agree with you on getting a snowstorm & 11 inches of snow! We've been pretty lucky to not have much snow here in Rhode Island.

  3. I am with you. I am hoping next week will be better, too.

  4. I'm excited to see your new blog design! We have had stay cations in the past and they are really great. Also, it looks like you are craving a lot of salty things. If you try drinking a lot more water, it might help with those cravings!

  5. It will be fun to see the new blog design. There are so many cool things one can do. And I'm with you on the Mac products. The only way to go!

  6. Where do you live again? I would love to do a stay-cation but unfortunately my city isn't a very tourist-friendly city (nothing to see, not much to do!)

  7. Ahhhh I hear you on computer issues!!! My Mac that I have had for YEARS is finally starting to see its last days -_- I shouldn't complain because it literally has lasted me longer than any other computer... But still... This past week blogging wise has sucked because of it... Takes me twice as long to do everything -_-

  8. You've got so many great changes going on!! Congrats on the new blog design, and the new house!

  9. Number 1 made me crack up. We have all been there. Snow storm sounds fun. I love the colors of 5.

  10. Ohhh...I can't wait to see your new design! I bet it will be amazing. :)

    I love that website with the colour palettes.

  11. Day off from work, and I;m reading all your posts I've missed the past couple of weeks...thanks for the mention...what a nice surprise =)


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