Weekend Recap

Friday - work til 6 pm- another super busy day... it has been so stressful for the few days  last week.. the dealership ( I am an appointment coordinator for a car dealership) isn't happy with the few appointments that has been coming in, so we have been pushing out a lot of calls looking for appointments, please send some good luck to me that we can stay on this dealership. 
After I got off work we went for Chinese food, it is becoming a family date night, we got home just in time because it got super cold and there was ice every where, there were a lot of car accidents. 
I came home watched a lil hockey, but more Grey's, we went to bed just after midnight

Saturday- We stayed in bed til around 11- then was really lazy, did the basic tidy up... and watched some Netflix.. we had a bank appointment with Brooke for 1:30 so we were in town by then, then went to Walmart and went shopping for some food... came home took a nap ( I love my saturday afternoon nap), after I woke up, I made pizza for dinner, then I made a apple pie and a lasagna for sunday - then talked to my friend from work and watched Grey's #addicted 

Sunday-Happy Birthday to the best Momma ever 
 up at 7 am ( sigh) to go set up for service, I cannot wait until we have a building for our church and we no longer have to set up and tear down. 
We had friends over for sunday lunch- i had lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread, the apple pie was for dessert- I was so full. 
My sister sent me this picture 

Hubby then decided to make 2 big pots of chilli- had friends over after PM service- now its almost 1 am and I am still up writing this.. 
Have a blessed week :) 


  1. I really need to start doing posts like this...I find it interesting to what others are up to! I always wonder...am I doing TOO much or not doing enough?! lol!

  2. What a sweet little baby! Sounds like a full weekend for you Terri. Hope your week is great as well! xx

  3. Girl...I love Grey's! I cannot wait for the new season. Counting down the days.

    Also...weekends were made for sleeping in! It's one of the things I look forward to most. :)


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