Every Bitter Thing Is Sweet- Review

Wow, talk about an amazing book. What this author does is take you through her walk with the Lord, during probably the most trying times of her life.

She struggled with infertility, then God lead her to adopt 4 children, and all of the ups and downs that God took her through to reveal Himself to her, through her, and to walk closer to Him than she ever knew possible. And, like all of us, the closer she gets, then she realizes that her journey is just beginning.

Now, that is just about the simplest description ever, and I know it. However, it is very, very difficult to explain this book, simply because of the depth and breadth of this book, you just have to get it and buy it for everyone you know to truly understand it.

This is a "meat" book - not something that you just casually grab and read, this is a book that you need to sit and study and let it speak to your heart. This author really puts her thoughts down in such a way that you can really see the Father's heart through her writing and her walk with Him. Golly, I've never read anything this thorough! She literally turns herself inside out so everyone can see what an awesome God we serve

I was given this book in exchange for my honest review.

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