Weekend recap

This was a very full weekend, I hope I can remember everything

My day started really early...I went to Tim Horton's to enjoy a coffee while waiting for appointment number 1 with my gyno, it went well.
Then I went downtown to get pretty nails

I love getting my nails done I always get super relaxed and leave feeling great.
After that I went to a second dr apt, after 3 years we have a family doctor and she is so sweet,  I had to get a tetnis shot though because I have never had one- the needle didn't hurt but my arm is so sore still.
We had a wedding to go to as well, Mr and Mrs Chris Eaton- beautiful wedding
 Brooke got invited by a classmate to go see a movie and the mom asked me to go too, they treated us, it was so nice of them, the movie was better then I thought, we saw Home, super cute.

Cleaned house, got bedding and curtains on the line- I love bedding dried in the wind. It smells so good.
I took an extra long nap, I have not ben sleeping well so I think it was my body telling me to slow down and relax.
We had our anniversary dinner early because Monday's are so busy here with voice lessons etc, so we did that tonight, on Monday I will cook for him.
We went to Montana's- it was so so amazing.

We never leave there disappointed. We went for a walk across the walking bridge all while being together, such a beautiful night, stopped for ice cream, did some shopping for a couple garden related items, came home and watched a movie. I cannot believe Monday is 13 years since I said I do and I still do.

Sunday Am service was at our old location which means we got to sleep in an extra hour, it was nice.
After PM service we went to Harvey's, I love that place so much.

Check back tomorrow for a special anniversary post

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